'Bring it on, I am ready': Udhayanidhi Stalin takes jibe at the saffron threats over his Sanatan Dharma remark!

In the midst of being surfaced with a legal trouble and online threats over his Sanatan Dharma remark, DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin has staunchly shown that he is neither surrendering to the threats from the BJP nor would he take back his remark. Udhayanidhi Stalin has gained a national spotlight as he was the talking point for several BJP leaders including Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh in the poll-bound Rajasthan. 

Udhayanidhi Stalin is the Tamil Nadu Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports Development and at a high time when DMK hopes to be a big cheese in the national politics during the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP leaders are queuing up to make Udhayanidhi Stalin a nationally known face as his single remark has sparked fury from the BJP leaders that they have to speak about him to woo voters in the states where he is an outsider. 

While addressing a writers' conference in Chennai recently, Udhayanidhi Stalin said the idea of sanatan dharma is against the idea of social justice and must be eradicated. Alleging that Sanatan Dharma is against equality and social justice, Udhayanidhi Stalin has said, "Sanatana is like malaria and dengue and so it must not be opposed, but must be eradicated." 

While his remarks went viral on social media, the saffron party has set a field day on social media to attack the DMK Minister and leading the attack, Amit Malviya, who is the in-charge of BJP's National Information and Technology wing, had allegedly twisted the tale and went on to claim that Udhayanidhi Stalin is calling for genocide of 80% of India's population. 

As Udhayanidhi Stalin's remarks had made headlines, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the DMK Minister's remarks show that opposition bloc INDIA hates Hinduism.  Addressing a rally in poll-bound Rajasthan, Amit Shah said, "They say Sanatan rule will come if Modi wins. Sanatan is ruling people's heart. Modi has said India will run on the basis of constitution." 

Amit Shah claimed that the leaders of DMK and Congress are talking about abolishing Sanatana Dharma just for vote bank politics. He also addressed the people of Rajasthan that it is not the first time for the DMK, that comes from the far-south state of Tamil Nadu, to insult 'our Sanatana Dharma'. Ecohing Amit Shah, BJP national president JP Nadda, while addressing the election rally, asked whether Udhayanidhi Stalin's statement is a part of the INDIA coalition's political strategy. 

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had also said in Rajasthan, "They are attacking Sanatana Dharma. DMK has attacked Sanatana Dharma and Congress is quiet on it. I want to ask CM Gehlot why he didn't say anything. Why is Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi or Kharge not speaking anything. Why dont they clarify what they think about the Sanatana Dharma." Rajnath Singh further said, "Sanatana Dharma cannot be seen as limited to prayers... Sanatana Dharma gives the message of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' and it considers the whole world as one family...The DMK leader should be asked if he has a clarification regarding his statement. The INDIA alliance should apologise otherwise the nation won't forgive." 

As the BJP and the saffron supporters are distorting the facts and sparking a divide amidst demanding an apology from Udhayanadhi Stalin, the latter has shown no hint that he is backtracking from his notion and he also said that he is ready to face any challenges. Following his remark, a legal observatory has threatened that it won't leave Udhayanidhi go unpunished. The observatory said, "We will be exploring various legal remedies to eradicate filthy mosquitoes denigrating Sanatan Dharma at the behest of #RichBag #Church! You won't go unpunished Udhayanidhi Stalin."

Responding to the observatory's threats, Udhayanidhi Stalin scathingly said, "Bring it on. I am ready to face any legal challenge. We will not be cowed down by such usual saffron threats. We, the followers of Periyar, Anna, and Kalaignar, would fight forever to uphold social justice and establish an egalitarian society under the able guidance of our Hon'ble CM MK Stalin. I will say it today, tomorrow, and forever: Our resolve to stop Sanathana Dharma from the Dravidian land would not reduce even a bit." The legal observatory later reported that an advocate had issued notice to Chennai Police Commissioner to file FIR against Udhayanidhi Stalin and arrest him for his Sanatan Dharma statement.