Captain Amarinder Singh is ready for the big game: For defeating the rival, is he going to join with the rival?

Weeks after his captaincy failed to retain his power in the state, former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh is all set to overhaul his political battle through launching a new party. As the state is heading for the assembly polls next year, what more irk and trouble the Congress party would be Singh's agenda to ally with the BJP, the arch-nemesis of the Congress which would love to pacify Singh to its shore to cause more damage to the grand old party in the polls. 

Amarinder Singh's exit was triggered by a tussle within the party over the induction of former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu, who got the back of the Gandhis. Singh, who is a prominent political figure in the country, had said that he was humiliated by the Congress and that several events were unfolded against him in the party while he was in power. He tabled his resignation last month and was working out to come back with a brand new political captaincy. Recently, Singh had met with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, which sparked speculations that Congress has lost another big wicket to the BJP. 

However, denying such speculations, Singh had claimed that he had discussed the farmers' protests with Amit Shah and urged the Union government to scrap the three contentious farm bills. As Singh's resignation had happened at a high time when the state was getting closer to the assembly polls, he is building a plan to make use of the polls as his prospect to begin his second innings by launching a new party with the propaganda of working against the Congress. According to reports, amid losing the power, 79-year-old Singh is capitalizing his exit from Congress to become a gamechanger in the upcoming Punjab assembly polls.

It has been reported that Singh has been giving a final touch to his new political outfit and an announcement concerning the same will be unveiled soon. He has currently been reaching out to several of his peers in the Congress party to earn their support for his party as he has been planning to have a significant unfolding of his party in the polls. Recently, Amarinder Singh had declared that he will not stay in the Congress as that humiliation thing has seemingly been disturbing him, adding to that was the fashion in which he was ousted from the power. 

A news agency has quoted its sources saying that Singh has been in the process of finding a better name for his party and he has finalized the name as 'Punjab Vikas Party'. He has chosen this name as it has got a good endorsement from his supporters and when it comes to the campaign trail, the state could witness several Congress leaders allying behind Amarinder Singh's new captaincy. Singh is working with an utmost agenda of defeating his rival Navjot Singh Sidhu in the upcoming assembly polls as Sidhu had played a major role in the change of guard in the state. It was Sidhu's supporter that the Gandhis had picked to replace Singh as the Chief Minister of Punjab. 

Recently in an interview, Singh has said that he was willing to take all the possible measures to stop Sidhu from becoming the Chief Minister and Singh has also asserted that he will field a strong candidate against Sidhu in the polls. While Sidhu gets defeated, it was a total defeat for the Congress party, which had already been facing a political crisis and struggling to swim out of the troubling current. Though Singh has affirmed that he will not directly ally with the BJP, he is looking for possibilities through which he can exercise an understanding with Modi's camp. 

The reports say that Amarinder Singh's coalition with the BJP could only be possible if the Central ruling party comes down to tackle the farmers' protests by paying heed to their demands as Singh has been strongly opposing the farm bills and Punjab peasants have been playing a vital role in keeping the protests hot and alive. As Singh expects ironic support from both the BJP and farmers to defeat Sidhu and Congress, he is ought to balance them to cause more damage to Congress. In the albeit of having more criticism from the people over not fulfilling his poll promises, Singh has still been an inevitable political force in Punjab that can turn the cards and change the game as if such a force throws more weight to BJP, the Congress will be adding another state to its store of losing power.