Caste eats humanity: This 65-year-old Dalit man was attacked and forced to drink urine!

In an awful incident that has showcased casteism and its atrocities, a 65-year-old Dalit man in Uttar Pradesh was allegedly forced to drink urine in Roda village in the BJP ruling state. Though the incident had happened a few days ago, it came to light on Monday after which the local police department had arrested the accused involved in the case. 

According to reports, a sexagenarian Amar said that Sonu Yadav, an upper-caste man, had attacked his son with an axe a few days ago. Following the incident, Amar and his son had approached the police and filed a complaint against Yadav for attacking his son. Soon after the complaint was filed, Yadav had reportedly threatened and intimidated the father and son to withdraw the complaint against him. 

Yadav had allegedly forced Amar to drink urine in the former's episode of threatening them to withdraw the complaint. Amar was a resident of Roda village in Lalitpur and he was attacked by Yadav after he refused to drink urine. 

Speaking to ANI, Amar said, "When I refused, he attacked me with a stick. He had attacked my son with an axe a few days ago and we had complained against him to the police and now he has been forcing us to compromise and withdraw the complaint". 


Following the incident came to light, the local police had initiated action against the accused and arrested Yadav. Speaking to media, Superintendent of Police Mirza Manzar Beg said that a few influential people of Roda had attacked two villagers. The main accused has been arrested and the officials are hunting for the other accused involved in the case. 

By citing that the police can't tolerate any such bullying and discrimination, the superintendent said that the FIR has been registered soon after they got the complaint.