Caught on cam: A 71-year-old man was dragged by a biker in Bengaluru...Watch the chilling video!

In what has become a chilling incident, a 71-year-old man was dragged by a biker for almost a kilometer in Bengaluru. The incident was recorded by the passersby as the biker didn't stop despite knowing that an elderly man was being dragged. Amid the viral video, the police apprehended the biker while the victim was sent to a hospital. 

The arrested biker is identified as 25-year-old Sahil, a resident of Nayandahalli and a medical representative while the victim is identified as 71-year-old Muthanna, a resident of Hegganahalli, who is into the business of printing and publishing books. Muthanna owns an SUV and on Tuesday, he was riding his car near the toll gate on Magadi Road during which Sahil, who was riding a scooter, hit his car and Muthanna parked his car to question him. 

Sahil was trying to escape from the spot during which Muthanna caught hold of the scooter's handle. However, Sahil accelarated his vehicle and as Muthanna didn't release his hand from the handle, he got dragged away for almost one kilometer. Sahil didn't stop his scooter until he was barricaded by an auto. Scores of people arrived at the spot and started beating Sahil for dragging an elderly man. 

The people detained Sahil and handed him over to the Govindarajanagar Police. The police filed a case and arrested Sahil and taken into custody. Muthanna was admitted to a hospital as he suffered scratches as he was dragged on an asphalt road. According to Deccan Herald, Muthanna said amid the treatment, "I was riding my Mahindra Bolero and he (Sahil) hit my vehicle from behind at around 1 pm near the toll gate on Magadi Road. When I questioned him, he tried to escape without stopping. I decided not to let him escape because of his attitude. So, I caught the scooter handle." 

Muthanna further said, "He was trying to increase his speed and tried to hit on my hand a couple of times so that I leave the handle. A few motorists tried to stop him, but he rode for almost a kilometer to Hosahalli metro station." By citing that Sahil was stopped by an auto-rickshaw, Muthanna stated, "If he had stopped and apologised to me, I would have let him go, but he didn't even bother to stop when I was being dragged." Responding to the case, the zone's Deputy Commissioner of Police Laxman Nirbargi said, "The reason is accidental touch between the two wheeler and the Bolero."