Chasing raids and politics...What 'Master' Vijay says?

The transformation of Actor Vijay from the older tagline of 'Ilayathalapathy' to the newer and much-celebrated one of 'Thalapathy' has, on one hand, revealed how the actor has been admired and followed by his fans and on the other hand, has landed him before the political spotlight with repeated episodes of controversies against his movies and the Income-tax raids against the actor.

Ilayathalapathy Vijay has remained outspoken on the screens and unspoken during the events. He was neither touched upon the political topics nor he was brought under the scanner of the Income Tax department before. Things remained the same until his movie 'Thalaivaa' that had met with issues over getting the picture to the theaters. Vijay, for the first time, went outspoken after he expressed his anger and anguish over causing trouble for the release and since then, Vijay's recipe of speech was cooked with the ingredients of the short story, his response to what he has faced, and to get more close to his fans.

    Actor Vijay speaking at the audio launch of Bigil 


Although Vijay's father SA Chandrasekar has planned for his son's political entry, the issue that he faced during Thalaivaa had gripped up his motive to enter the politics and his next movies had watered his motive as through the roles that he played in some of the recent movies, he directly attacked the Central and state governments over its policies. His transformation was apparent in his movies of Mersal and Sarkar - the movies that earned more political spotlights as equal as to how his fans celebrated. In Mersal, Actor Vijay has slashed out the Center against the GST and what he has got in return was the religious tagline. BJP's H Raja had directly attacked Vijay as a Christian and that's why he was voicing against the Center.  In Sarkar audio launch, Vijay had courageously taken the question of becoming Chief Minister and he undeniably stated that if he becomes Chief Minister, he won't act like Chief Minister.

Following Sarkar, his last one Bigil ran up with controversy after Vijay used the prospect of the audio launch to appeal to the people to elect the leaders based on the merit and he vowed not to touch his fans and he has quoted former Chief Ministers Karunanidhi and MGR on how to respect the rivals. He also urged to keep the politics out of sports. Despite being one of the largest movie industries in India, the audio launch of Actor Vijay's movie was the only such event that had huge fans and audiences and in the past few speeches, Thalapathy Vijay has got a transformation of making the unspoken to become more outspoken against the chasing issues and politics. For hosting Bigil audio launch, Sairam college has faced accusations from the government.

Actor Vijay speaking at the Master audio launch - March 15, 2020


His recent speeches had erupted more anticipations on the 'Master' audio launch as Vijay was preparing to take the dais after the Income-tax raids and the movie team had approached Sairam college in Chennai to host the audio launch. However, Sairam college has rejected to be the venue after recapping what has happened during Bigil audio launch. With the view of reducing fan gatherings over Coronavirus, the audio launch was organized in the 500- seating capacity hall in Leela Palace five-star hotel in Chennai on Sunday and Actor Vijay took the dais with unseen attire and the recipe of the different short story. By pressing that he would keep going forward regardless of how many stones were thrown on him, he advised the people to be like the river that keeps moving forward. 

Vijay Sethupathi, Lokesh Kanagaraj, and Vijay during the Master audio launch - March 15, 2020


While asked about what this Thalapathy Vijay would say Ilayathalapathy Vijay if he goes before twenty years, Vijay, unhesitatingly, said that he would ask for the life of Ilayathalaphy as he lived peacefully without any IT raids and tensions. With keeping the smile, the actor said, in the middle of applause, that everything is going well now. His response has seemingly shown that he is upset over the recent incidents of raids and politics that have been chasing him over the past few years. He ended by stating that it's required to remain dumb some times, to be honest. In recent years, Actor Vijay's audio launch events have certainly been giving more takeaways along with the songs.