Child trafficking: Two TN teenage girls allegedly sold by their grandmother!

The shocking revelation came to the spotlight after the police department of Tirvarur district, Tamil Nadu commenced an extensive search operation and the investigation to locate and to rescue the two teenage girls who were sold by their grandmother with the exchange of Rs 20,000. The reports say that the girls have gone missing since November 20th from their homes.

The reports have stated that the girls aged13 and 14 respectively, lived with their parents and grandmother. The family has reportedly been living under severe poverty as the father of the girls is a daily wage worker while their mother has been suffering from mental health issues. It has been reported that with the view of tackling poverty and to overcome the shortage of daily expenses, Vijayalakshmi, the grandmother of the girls had sent the girls to a broker who had given the family with Rs 10,000 for each girl.

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The police department had cited that they got the information three days ago from the childline center which provided the tip-off that the girls were allegedly been sold by their family. The authorities had stated that they found the family uncooperative for the investigations following which they located the company where they possibly could have labored and while investigating the proprietor of the company, he denied that the company didn't recruit the girls. The police authorities had asserted that they would be locating the girls by Saturday.

The authorities had expressed the possibilities that the teenage girls could have been hired by the company in the Tirupur district. The reports say that the police had detained the grandmother for trafficking the teenage girls under the grounds of the Child Labour Act and they have taken her to the police station for interrogations to ascertain the whereabouts of the girls.