'CM Stalin has given his orders, this should never happen again': DGP Sylendra Babu to TN Police!

Tamil Nadu Director-General of Police Sylendra Babu has directed the state police force to ensure that the custodial deaths should never happen again. He had attended the symposium that was held at a private college in Trichy, Tamil Nadu and the event had concentrated on giving awareness to the police officials on curbing the custodial deaths in the state. 

Sylendra Babu had presided over the event that was held for a day and it was attended by Balakrishnan IPS, the Inspector-General of the Central Zone, Karthikeyan, the Commissioner of Trichy city police, several DIGs, Assistant Commissioners, and Inspectors. Sylendra Babu had spoken about how the state's police force can curb the incidents of custodial deaths. The event has come weeks after the state ruling MK Stalin's regime has come under fire for the back-to-back custodial deaths that happened in the state.

Such events had troubled the DMK government and the state had witnessed protests against MK Stalin's administration, as he leads the police force, for the custodial deaths. While speaking with the reporters concerning the event, Sylendra Babu said, "The event was arranged to let the police officials of Trichy and nine other districts participate towards curbing the custodial deaths." 

He further said that around 950 custodial deaths were recorded across India over the past ten years. Of those 950, Tamil Nadu accounts for 84 deaths. Sylendra Babu has added that due to various such events in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister MK Stalin has given his orders that no one should die again under custody. With the view of taking his message, this event has been organized in Trichy.

The reports say that for all the police officers who had attended the event, several levels of training were given. Sylendra Babu further said that not every custodial death can be said to have happened due to the police beatings and torture, some of them would die due to health complications. The DGP said that awareness will be given to the police officers on how they would defend themselves if the common people attack them. 

"No one should die in prison, there should not be any death at the police station. The police can use their force only when it is required", Sylendra Babu added. Speaking about the illegal liquor in the state, Sylendra Babu has said that illegal liquor was under control in Tamil Nadu. By citing that some hilly areas in the state have such liquor in culture, the DGP has affirmed that a case would be filed against the students if they were found to be indulging in crimes and violent events.