Come in this dress code or pay fine of Rs 200: A leading bank orders its employees for Navratri occasion!

As India has been celebrating the Navratri occasion that runs a week from October 7 to October 15, a leading Indian bank had invited controversy over ordering its employees to come in a specific dress code in the wake of the occasion and the employees who fail to follow the dress code would be fined Rs 200.

The directive had stirred outrage and the bank administration was slammed for reportedly invoking strict compliance and threatening the employees to face penalties for going against the dress code. Union Bank of India, which is undertaken by the Union government, has issued a circular ordering the dress code for its employees during the Navratri week.

In a circular that was issued in a name of Navratri Colors 2021, the General Manager of the bank had sent the dress code and asking them to report to the duty with a specific attire. The circular has said that the bank employees must dress in Yellow on October 7, Green on October 8, Grey on October 9, Orange on October 10 (Sunday), White on October 11, Red on October 12, Royal Blue on October 13, Pink on October 14, and Purple on October 15. 

While Sunday would be usually a holiday for the bank staff, the General Manager of the Union Bank of India had instructed the employees to wear Orange. The circular said, "On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, all staff members and vendor partners working on-site are requested to follow day-wise colour code."

It further said, "There will be a penalty of Rs 200 each for not adhering to the above colours." It added that there will be a group photo of all every day. It concludes by saying, "All are therefore requested to follow day wise colour code and make the celebration a grand success." As the circular had stirred a furore, several political leaders are urging the bank to take its order back.

 Circular issued by the General Manager of the Union Bank of India


Madurai Lok Sabha MP Venkatesan has condemned the bank and asked the General Manager of the bank who had given authority to him in directing the employees to come in a specific dress code for the Navratri occasion. Venkatesan has said that the order is interfering with others rights and urged the bank to withdraw it. By citing that celebrating the occasion is based on everyone's rights, Venkatesan has demanded the Union Ministry of Finance and the Chairman of Union Bank of India intervene in the matter and initiate action on the general manager.