"The comments are distasteful"... Tollywood megastar Chiranjeevi on Mansoor Ali Khan's comments about Trisha

(This article is authored by Alar)

The film industry is in a state of uproar after actor Mansoor Ali Khan made some derogatory comments about actress Trisha Krishnan, who starred in the movie ‘Leo’ with him. Mansoor’s remarks, which he claimed were made as an artist and not as a personal attack, have been slammed by many celebrities and activists as “disgusting, sexist, disrespectful, misogynistic, and repulsive”.

One of the most vocal supporters of Trisha was megastar Chiranjeevi, who took to X to express his outrage. He wrote, “My attention was drawn to some reprehensible comments made by actor Mansoor Ali Khan about Trisha. The comments are distasteful and disgusting not just for an Artiste but for any woman or girl. These comments must be condemned in the strongest words. They reek of perversion. I stand with @trishtrashers and every woman who has to be subject to such horrid comments.”

Trisha herself had earlier responded to Mansoor’s comments, She said, "I strongly condemn this and find it sexist,disrespectful,misogynistic,repulsive and in bad taste.He can keep wishing but I am grateful never to have shared screen space with someone as pathetic as him and I will make sure it never happens for the rest of my film career as well. People like him bring a bad name to mankind."

Mansoor, however, defended his statement by saying that he spoke as an artist and that his comments were not directed at Trisha in any personal way. “I spoke at the time as an artist. My comments were not directed at Trisha in any personal way. That was never my intention,” he added.

The controversy erupted when a video clip of Mansoor’s press interaction went viral on social media. In the video, Mansoor claimed that he did not share screen space with Trisha in the movie ‘Leo’, which released last month.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has also taken cognizance of the matter and issued a notice to Mansoor, asking him to explain his comments and apologize to Trisha. The NCW said that Mansoor’s comments were “highly objectionable and violative of the dignity and rights of women”. The NCW also urged  to take strict action against Mansoor and ensure that such incidents do not recur.

The film fraternity and the fans have rallied behind Trisha, who is one of the most popular and successful actresses in the South Indian cinema. She has acted in over 60 films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi languages. She has won several awards and accolades for her performances, including four Filmfare Awards South and a Nandi Award. She is also a UNICEF Celebrity Advocate and a vocal supporter of animal rights and environmental causes.