Corona outbreak: India crossed 400 cases while the Center grips up the lockdown!

Amid the mechanisms that have been deployed to shield the spread of the Coronavirus, India has been reporting with surging high cases in its territory each day as the pandemic intensifies making the Central government to grip up and tighten the restrictions and lockdowns across the country to curb the spread of the global pandemic.

As of Monday morning, India has recorded with 415 cases positive for the virus, according to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) with most of the new cases reported from Maharashtra and Gujarat leaving the nation to rely on unprecedented lockdown and restrictions to contain the spread before it becomes a huge crisis. The Central government and various state governments have been speeding up the measures and enhancing the mechanisms to combat the virus as most of the states have been reporting with soaring high positive cases for the pandemic contributing to the uprise in the country.

People wear protective masks during 'Janata curfew', the nation-wide curfew observed in India to contain the spread of the pandemic - March 22, 2020


The pandemic has claimed seven lives so far in India including three fatalities reporting on Sunday. All of the deceased are Indians and above 65 years of age with having reported with pre-existing ailments. On Sunday, the Union Cabinet secretary has convened an urgent meeting with all the Chief Secretaries of the states to strengthen the measures to contain the global pandemic, during which, according to the Press Information Bureau, it was decided to grip up the lockdown and restrictions across the country.

According to the reports, the Indian government has canceled all the trains and interstate transports as part of the lockdown till March 31st, 2020 and it has also mapped 75 districts in the states including Rajasthan, Punjabi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu to bring under the isolation as these districts have reported with more cases in the country. As per the directive, these districts will be under complete shutdown for the rest of the days in March by having only the essential services. The channels of transportations into these districts would be severely restricted by allowing the movements of emergency vehicles and essential services.

The view of India Gate as the road towards the national monument turned empty after the government imposed Janata curfew to curb the spread of the virus - March 22, 2020


The reports say the districts including Chennai, Kanchipuram, and Erode of Tamil Nadu have been tagged in the list of 75 districts and these districts would face an unprecedented lockdown as the unnecessary transports have been barred and shops have been asked to shut down until March 31st, 2020 with the view of preventing the spread of the virus. The governments have advised people to stay indoors and avoid travels unless it becomes essential. The state of Tamil Nadu and the entire nation have observed 'Janata curfew' to practice the social distancing with the view of containing the spread.

On Monday, the Indian government has asked the states to strictly enforce the lockdown in the areas where it has been announced including these 75 districts and it stated that legal action would be taken against the violators. Prime Minister Modi has appealed to the state governments to follow the rules and regulations and called the people to follow the instructions to ensure that they remain safe. Despite the measures, the state of Gujarat has, on Monday, reported with 11 new cases putting the numbers to 29 in its territory. In Delhi, 30 cases have reported so far and of these 30, 23 people have returned from aboard, according to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The aerial view of the flyover in Delhi, with no vehicle movements, went silent in the wake of the nation-wide curfew - March 22, 2020


The state of Maharashtra stills tops the table with the most number of cases in the country as the state houses 89 cases positive including 14 new cases reported in Mumbai on Monday. As per the directive, Punjab, Chandigarh and seven districts of Haryana have imposed the lockdown which would be in place till March 31st. With the view of fighting the virus, the Supreme court has closed the lawyers' chambers inside the court premises and it would hear the urgent matters through video-conferencing.

As for as Tamil Nadu is concerned, the districts of Chennai, Erode, and Kanchipuram are nearing to get locked down amid the outbreak and the district collector of Kanchipuram has already announced to shut down all the non-essential shops and establishments as the district has reported with the first positive case in the state after a 45-year-old man native of Kanchipuram who returned to Chennai from Oman was tested positive for the virus earlier this month. However, he has been recovered and discharged from the hospital. The state currently has nine positive cases, with one being recovered while the rest have been treated across the state. Most of the cases have been treated in Chennai. According to the state health minister, Erode district has been under lockdown as two Thailand nationals are tested positive and getting treated in Perundurai medical college in the district.