Corona outbreak: India nears to hit 500 cases amid the unprecedented lockdown!

While, on one hand, the Indian government has been gripping up the lockdown and restrictions and speeding up the deployment of the preventive measures to combat the Coronavirus, on the other hand, the nation has been reporting with the rapid spread of the virus in its territory and the soaring high cases have been leading the country to mark 500 positive cases for the global pandemic.

Amid the unprecedented lockdown to curb and restrain the spread of the virus, India has reported with 492 positive cases so far as of Tuesday morning, according to the Union Health Ministry, and of these 492, the country currently houses 446 active cases while nine have succumbed to the virus so far and 37 have been recovered. Various state governments had imposed a curfew and intense restrictions to curb the spread of the pandemic before it gets rampant across the country.

A woman wears a protective mask in the wake of the Coronavirus in Delhi - Photo: Reuters


The states like Kerala, Maharashtra, and Gujarat had reported with fresh cases on Tuesday. Two more positive cases have been confirmed in Kozhikode, Kerala whereas the Gujarati city of Vadodara has brought under complete lockdown as the state has recorded with thirty positive cases so far. The reports say that the state of Manipur has become the first northeastern state to report with the positive case for the virus as a 23-year-old woman, who returned from London, tested positive for the pandemic on Tuesday. 

Maharashtra has reported with 101 cases so far as of Tuesday morning making it as the Indian state with the most number of cases whereas Kerala is at the second spot followed by India's richest state with 91 positive cases. As most of the Indian states have been coming through the uncertainty caused due to the micro menace, 32 states and Union Territories have been under complete lockdown.

A worker sprays disinfectant near Indian Gate in Delhi amid the outbreak


The Kerala government has appointed 276 doctors to enhance its task force to combat the virus amid the rising numbers and the state of West Bengal, which recorded the nation's eighth fatality on Monday, has reported with two more positive cases on Tuesday making the state to house eight cases so far. The Odisha government has announced that all 30 districts will go under severe lockdown from Tuesday night to March 29th and the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has self-imposed a complete lockdown to contain the spread of the virus.

On Monday, the Union Health Ministry announced that 19 Indian states and Union Territories would be placed under complete lockdown while the rest of the states would witness partial lockdown as the Central government grips up the measures to fight the virus. During the lockdown period, the country would come through eerie emptiness and closures of all the establishments apart from the essential services.

A traveler, with protective mask as a preventive measure against the virus, disembarks the train at the Guwahati Railway station - March 12, 2020


The state of Tamil Nadu is among dozens of Indian states that had imposed curfew under section 144 and the embargo announced by the Tamil Nadu government would come into effect from 6 pm on Tuesday and it would be in place till March 31st. The district borders in the state would be closed as a part of the lockdown and the government has ordered to shut down the operations of various establishments across the state leaving the essential services to function normally. The state has suspended all the transportation channels to curb the spread of the virus. According to the latest reports, Prime Minister Modi would be addressing the nation at 8 pm IST on Tuesday for the second time in the wake of the global pandemic.