Corona outbreak: India records its seventh fatality as the cases soar high!

While, on one hand, India has been going through severe lockdown on Sunday to practice social distancing with the view of containing the spread of Coronavirus, on the other hand, the country has reported with three casualties in the single day amid the restrictions, preventive measures, and curfew.

On Sunday, the country had witnessed three back to back deaths in its territory due to the global pandemic and the current numbers had contributed towards raising the death toll in the country. On the morning hours of Sunday, 63-year-old and 38-year-old men had passed away in Maharashtra and Bihar respectively after they have succumbed to the virus. According to the reports, a 38-year-old man, who was treated at AIIMS in Patna, Bihar, tested positive to the virus earlier and he has passed away on Sunday at the hospital. He was identified with the travel history to Qatar.


As the nation has crossed half-way through Janata curfew, the state of Gujarat had reported with its first death in its territory that has become the seventh casualty in India claimed by the global pandemic, which has become a global menace. According to ANI, a 69-year-old man had died on Sunday in Surat Hospital, Gujarat. He was tested positive for the virus and he was also reported with having co-morbid and existing ailments. 

Gujarat Health and Family welfare department said that a 65-year-old woman has died in Vadodara hospital but however, she is yet to ascertain whether she was positive for the virus. Her samples were collected and sent for further examinations and the results are still been awaited for confirmation on her demise. The country has gone through uncertain developments last week as it has encountered the rise of the cases despite installing the mechanisms to tackle and combat the virus. At the time of writing the content, India has reported with 370 positive cases for the virus which has indicated an unprecedented rise in the numbers in a short period. The country has recorded more than 80 cases in the last two days.

The aerial view shows an empty road in Mumbai as India's financial capital has been under lockdown over the curfew - March 22, 2020 - Photo: Reuters


Until Saturday, India recorded four casualties due to the epidemic as a 76-year-old man from Kalaburagi, Karnataka; a 65-year-old woman from Maharashtra; a 68-year-old woman from Delhi, and a 70-year-old man from Punjab have died earlier this month. All these casualties are Indian nationals.

The Indian government has been tightening its mechanisms to contain the spread of the pandemic. On Sunday, the nation has gone into an unprecedented lockdown across its territory as millions of people have been staying home to maintain social distancing and avoid mass gatherings. Various state governments have been enforcing multiple restrictions at all levels towards containing the spread. While addressing the reporters in Delhi, Balram Bhargava, the Director-General of Indian Council of Medical Research said that the country has conducted 15,000-17,000 tests so far. He further stated that the easiest method to contain the spread is to isolate the people coming from outside.