Corona outbreak: TN adds three more cases to its count bringing the total to 26!

While Tamil Nadu is going through complete lockdown to grip up its fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19), the state has been reporting with more positive cases for the pandemic in its territory as on Wednesday, it had added eight more to its count that has made the state to mark its single-day rise and bringing the total to 26 so far.

These fresh cases have been reported across the state on the first day of the lockdown period. According to the state health minister, the three fresh cases were reported on the night hours of Wednesday and these cases include an 18-year-old male, a 63-year-old male who returned from Dubai, and a 66-year-old male and currently, they have been isolated and doing stable.


The minister stated that the 18-year-old male tested positive for the virus after he came in contact with the 2nd confirmed case in the state. This 2nd patient is a 20-year-old who arrived in the city from Delhi through train on March 12. He was tested positive earlier making him the second person in the state to get affected by the virus and he has been treated in the isolation ward at the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital in the city. On Wednesday, the minister added that the 2nd patient is now been recovering and would be discharged in two days.

As for as other two cases are concerned, a 66-year-old male is an Indian national and he had come in contact with the two Thailand nationals who were earlier tested positive for the virus and he has now been admitted to the IRT hospital in Perundurai, Erode while the other patient, a 63-year-old male, who arrived in the city from Dubai, has been getting treated at Walajah government hospital in Chennai.

On Morning hours of Wednesday, the Health Minister revealed that the state has reported with five new cases and all these five were tested positive at Salem Medical College. Of these five, four are Indosenian nationals while the other was a travel guide from Chennai. According to the minister, all five were under quarantine at Salem Medical College since March 22nd and on Wednesday, they were confirmed to be infected by the virus making the state hit a total of 23.


The first day of the complete lockdown has become very tough for the state as apart from reporting the highest single-day rise -a total of eight cases, it has also recorded its first fatality for the virus. In the wee hours of Wednesday, a 54-year-old patient, who was tested positive for the virus on Monday, succumbed to the pandemic at Rajaji government hospital in Madurai where he was getting treated. He was identified with no travel histories and the minister stated that he came in contact with the Thailand nationals who are admitted to Erode. As of Thursday, the state has reported with 26 positive cases with one has been recovered and discharged and one was expired while the rest have been quarantined and getting treated across the state.