Coronavirus: How well the state of Tamil Nadu is prepared?

While, on one hand, the world countries have been trying to shield their respective territories from what it has been termed as 'Coronavirus' which has been spreading across the countries in light speed, on the other hand, the state government of Tamil Nadu has asserted that no positive case of the epidemic has been reported within its borders and stated that the government mechanisms have been unleashing all the proper and adequate measures and remedies to tackle and to contain the spread of the virus.

While addressing the reporters on Tuesday in Chennai, Health Minister of Tamil Nadu Vijayabaskar said that there has been no case detected in India as well as in Tamil Nadu and stated that the virus was detected positive for one person in Nepal after which the neighboring countries have been on the high alert to tackle the epidemic. By urging the people not to panic, he further added that the health department has been screening the passengers arriving in Chennai airport and cited that the government has installed a senior committee which has been closely monitoring the development.

 Vijayabaskar, Tamil Nadu Health Minister - File photo


The reports say that the directorate of public health has screened over 1,500 people who arrived from the virus hit countries in three top airports -Chennai, Coimbatore, and Trichy of the state in the last week. On Monday, the eight people of Tamil Nadu native had arrived in Chennai from China and upon their arrival, they were swiftly sent to the medical checkup for identifying the symptoms of Coronavirus and after the checkup, all eight had declared with no positive symptoms of the deadliest epidemic and although they have been cleared to visit their hometowns, the health department had advised them not to mix with the people and not to attend the public gatherings, weddings, and where would large number of people gather for the next 28 days.

            Chennai International Airport - File photo


The reports say that these eight belong to Coimbatore and the outskirts- four from Coimbatore, two from Annur and rest two belong to Pollachi and they have been asked to approach the nearby hospitals and public health department immediately if they have been affected by fever or they show up the unnatural symptoms. They are also advised to stay at home.

Disinfectant was seen spraying at the Wuhan train station in China - Jan 22, 2020


The world countries have been constantly eyeing the developments over the spread of this deadliest epidemic which was detected in China earlier this month and it has been hitting most of the countries in Asia and the Americas in a short period that had caused severe uncertainty among the countries. China had witnessed the death of 106 people in its country so far while it has been reported with over 4,600 cases until Tuesday. 

Most people in China have been wearing the masks on their faces as precautionary measures to get rid off the deadliest epidemic


After having been hunting the measures to barricade the rise, the Chinese government had closed the city of Wuhan that had seen the birth of the virus. Although the World Health Organization hasn't pronounced the epidemic as a global emergency, it has been observing and working closely with the richest and vulnerable countries that have been accounted with the cases of Coronavirus.