COVID-19 shatters India's most productive age group, study reveals! What's the reason?

As India is reeling upon the staggering state of the COVID-19 pandemic with the exponential rise of cases and deaths, the recent study has revealed the grim developments as it has signaled that the outbreak has been eating up India's workforce as the study has divulged that more than 50% of COVID-19 deaths in India were under the productive age group category. 

According to the study carried out by the researchers of the International Institute of Population Sciences in Mumbai, it came to the revelation that more than 50% of COVID-19  deaths in the country fell under the age groups of 40-64 or 35-64 as the human to human transmitting virus has been playing an ardent effect on these age categories.

These age groups are mostly known as the economically productive ones and the study has put out the fact that India stands contrary to the developed countries where 70% of the deaths were under the age category of above 70 years. The study has also pictured the proportions of death based on the age group - 30-64 years of age contribute to 58.5% of the nation's total death toll whereas the proportion for 40-64 years stood at 53.5%. 

According to the researchers of the Institution, which is the autonomous body that falls under the Union Health Ministry, the country has two major reasons for losing people who are categorized under the productive age groups - one, India accounts for majority young population with the average age of 24 which had largely made the productive ones to the vulnerable ones. 

The grounds of the young population lead to the grounds of faster transmission of the virus among them which further spreads to the community and neighborhoods and this factor is comparatively less in other countries. The second and important reason is India has the grounds of the vast spread of diabetes and hypertension among the young populace as most people carry these comorbidities with them when they cross 40 years of age.

Comorbidity is one of the crucial causes that leave people to succumb to the pandemic. The study further revealed that about 60% of COVID-19 cases in India are in the age group of 30-64 and 2.3% of deaths have occurred under 15 years, 12.8% under 15-44 years, 48.2% deaths are in the 45-64 and 36.8% deaths were people more than 65 years. 

According to the study, the probability of death due to COVID-19 for the people beyond 60 years is at least four times higher than compared with people below the age category. The study, which carried out based on the data available till May 9 when the country had 65,000 cases and 2,100 COVID-19 deaths, further stated that the country's working-age group accounts for the major share of the deaths in India. 

India has added over 1.5 lakh cases to its tally in the past two weeks and more than 57.3% of total cases and 71.4% of total deaths in the country were recorded by the nation's nine largest urban cities with the population of over five million. Ahmedabad has the highest case fatality rate (CFR) in the country. The CFR is the number of deaths for every 100 positive cases and Ahmedabad has the highest CFR of 7.6% followed by Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai. 

Along with that, the cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi have been recording the sharpest rises in cases and deaths for the past two weeks. Chennai has accounted for 1.3 CFR against the national average of 3.3%. According to the Union Health Ministry, India has 3,95,048 cases so far as of Saturday morning of which 1,68,269 are active cases, 2,13,831 have been discharged, and 12,948 had died due to the viral infection.