CSK Forever: Ardent fans reveal why Dhoni is 'Thala' for them as they fire back the trollers!

If you are allowed to answer the question of who you think is the contemporary cricketer with having no haters, you would most probably pick MS Dhoni as your answer without having a second thought. Whenever Dhoni concedes a defeat, he would be showered with unconditional love and support from his fans across and beyond the borders given the reminiscent of past defeats. 

Though the CSK had faced the worst defeat in the current IPL, the love, and support from the fans hadn't got scattered and it was in fact augmented like never before. Through bestowing their true and everlasting love, the fans have proved again that Dhoni is more than a player for them, he's someone who can look up to as inspiration and admiration and he would be the only player to the extent of our sight to be showered with more and more love for every defeat.  

Dhoni has been a magnet of attracting true fans and love through his true and complete sporting spirit and through his magnificent and finest captaincy in all the formats. When India introduced him to cricket, it was never known that he would be the one to introduce Indian cricket to the world. It all started in T20 cricket, it was 2007. There were two sensations in the cricketing world at that time. The T20 format which was gaining extreme popularity across the world leading to the ICC announcing the first world cup in this shorter format. And the second was MS Dhoni. The youngster from Ranchi was capturing the headlines around the world for his aggressive batting and unaccustomed looks. 

India was mentally suffering from their early exit in the 50 overs World Cup a few months back and the country wanted some fresh air. To everyone's surprise, MS Dhoni was announced as the captain for the T20 World Cup. It was a power-packed team with many experienced players led by a youngster with a lot of dreams. Dhoni took up the challenge with more hope and pride, and with expectations from millions. When he successfully sailed his ship towards victory, he had drawn massive attention from across the cricketing world. 

He calmly faced the finals with India's rival Pakistan and when the eyes of the entire nation were on the match, he perfectly spoiled the rival and accomplished the mission of the nation by lifting the T20 WorldCup for the first time through which he introduced how the Indian cricket would look from now to the world. Through his audacity of captaincy and brave decisions, he brought back the cup to the home, and from then on, he rocked the cricket and won the 2011 World Cup and Asia Cup and many ODI trophies. 

In him, India and every Indian had seen a remarkable cricketer, cool and finest captain, matured and dangerous batsman, and eagle-eye wicketkeeper. He was the mixture of many talents and generosity and when he took the captaincy of Chennai Super Kings, he shaped the team that indisputably become one of the most successful teams in IPL history. So far including the current one, CSK had appeared in eleven seasons, and apart from the current season, Dhoni's army had entered the playoffs in ten seasons and won the titles three times. 

The current season had worried and disappointed the fans after what had become a nightmare for the team. The factors like worst batting line-up, flawed performances, overseas venues, and lack of tenancy had scripted what had become the worst season for the team. The team had lost eight matches in the current season and become the first team to exit the season without entering the playoffs for the first time. While CSK had conceded the defeat and the fact that it has ousted from the playoffs, the supporters of the other teams have been taking to social media and trolling the CSK for the defeat. 

Social media sites are setting a tug-of-war between the supporters of CSK and trollers and the true supporter of the team and Dhoni are flaying the trollers that don't dare to troll CSK. The supporters have been sharing the previous record of CSK and Dhoni and compared how the other teams had suffered worst defeats than CSK. Some of the Kollywood celebrities like Soundarya Rajinikanth, Vishnu Vishal,  and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar had come in support of the CSK and hailed their love for MS Dhoni. For CSK fans, Dhoni matters most than the defeats and he would be loved forever. 

Answering the trollers, CSK fans are pressing harder that their love towards Dhoni and the team would be unchanged. For them, Dhoni's smile would mean more than and would bring them more rejoice than the defeats. When Dhoni said you should put a smile on your face even when you are hurt, it was inspirational lines for millions and they took these lines to their own lives as the fans revealed why Dhoni is 'Thala' for them, he is more than a player, he is someone close to their heart, which won't spare the trollers.