Cyclone Michaung: This popular composer slams Chennai’s poor management after suffering floods

(This article is authored by Alar)

Chennai is facing a nightmare of floods and chaos. The culprit is the Michaung Cyclone, a powerful storm that has unleashed torrential rains and strong winds on the coastal state of Tamil Nadu. The city’s people have struggling to cope with the disaster, leaving thousands of people stranded, homeless, and helpless.

One of the victims of the floods is Santhosh Narayanan, a renowned music composer who has worked in several Tamil films. He has expressed his anguish and frustration over the city’s poor management on X. He wrote a long post detailing his ordeal and the plight of his locality, Kolapakkam, which has been submerged in water and sewage for over a week. 

Santhosh Narayanan wrote that he has been facing the problem of flooding for more than 10 years, and every year it gets worse. He blamed the authorities for their negligence, mismanagement, and greed, which have led to the dumping of rainwater and sewage into a single irrigation canal that overflows every time it rains.

"This year is setting new benchmarks already. Funnily enough, it is neither historically a lake nor a 'low lying' area. We have loads of open land and more active ponds than any other area in Chennai, suitably named Kolapakkam. Just pure negligence, mismanagement and greed has led to extreme dumping of rain water and sewage into just one irrigation canal that swells like a river every single time and has really hit our residents," he said.

"Any ailment or medical emergency during these times is proving fatal. I am doing my best to reach out our people and support them with generator backup to fill over head tanks and help with rescue and other critical needs,"

"I actually have a boat and several pumps permanently on stand-by for rescue efforts. Kudos to the spirit of the people of Chennai, there is so much resilience and positivity wherever I go. I hope there is an effort to a solution. I don't have unreasonable expectations, but things can be a lot different than it is now. I really hope all of you who are affected are back to normalcy at the earliest.  #ChennaiFloods", he added.

Santhosh Narayanan’s post has received a lot of attention and sympathy from his fans and followers, who have appreciated his courage and generosity. Many people have also expressed their frustration demanding and expecting urgent empathy and action, and to prevent such disasters in the future, to provide relief and rehabilitation to the affected people.