'This is a dangerous thing': Big warning from TN DGP Sylendra Babu...Watch the video!

A day after arresting two fraudsters from Trichy for wrongfully advertising about overseas jobs and sending people to abroad with fake job offers after receiving lakhs of money from them, Tamil Nadu's Director-General of Police (DGP) C Sylendra Babu has shared a video of warning the aspirants who are trying to move abroad to be vigil about such agents and to proceed with the offers that have authenticity. 

On October 11, two people of Care Consultancy in Trichy, Tamil Nadu were apprehended by the police under the grounds of sending the people abroad illegally. It has been reported that Care Consultancy has advertised about the job opportunities in Thailand with a huge salary. Based on the advertisement, about 18 people have approached them to get a job and these people were charged between Rs 1.50 lakh to 2.50 lakh each to process their application. 

The agents had reportedly acquired tourist visas for these people from Thailand and they were taken to Bangkok through Dubai. After reaching Bangkok, these people were illegally taken to Myanmar and they were forced to do illegal activities. After knowing their state, their relatives in Tamil Nadu have approached the police and pleaded to rescue them. 

The government took efforts and all these 18 people were brought back to Tamil Nadu. Based on the complaint filed, the police have arrested two agents of Care Consultancy and lodged them in prison. Akin to what happened with the Thailand case, another set of people from Tamil Nadu was forced to illegal activities in Cambodia. The government had also rescued them. 

As several people are risking their lives after being deceived by the agents with the recent incident being the death of a Tamil Nadu man, who approached the fake agent and was shot and killed in Kuwait, the state police department is creating awareness for aspirants to beware about such agents. In line with that, Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu has on Wednesday released a video warning about the racket and advising the aspirants in the state to pursue a legal and credible path to go to abroad.

In his video, Sylendra Babu advises not to approach the agents and consultancies without inquiring about their credibility even they advertise for high paying jobs. He further advised not to go abroad through fake agents and asked the people not to pursue going to abroad through tourist visa. He said that the people have to get employment visa from a legitimate company following which they can go abroad. 

Sylendra Babu said that such agents are advertising jobs with lakhs and lakhs of salary and they will employ people in illegal activities like working for fake loan applications and cryptocurrencies. He also said that the police will take stringent action against such agents. Earlier, the Tamil Nadu police have issued an advisory that the people can reach out to 044-28447701 if they found such fake and suspicious agents. 

He took to Facebook and posted the video and wrote, "They have taken job in foreign countries and given internet fraud job. This is a dangerous thing. Attention is needed. A few agents have taken unemployed people to foreign countries to work in online fraud companies. This is dangerous, beware of such agents."