In the dark for more than a year: Three women locked themselves at home for 15 months by fearing COVID-19!

In a shocking piece of news that reveals how Covid has become a nightmare for several Indian people, three women in the state of Andhra Pradesh have confined themselves in their residence for 15 months by being afraid that the pandemic may kill them if they leave their residence.  

The three women had neither let anyone into their residence nor came out and the horrific incident of living in the dark for more than a year had shocked the people across and beyond the borders. According to reports, three women, the native of East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh, had locked themselves in their residence after one of their neighbours had passed away due to the pandemic. 

They had afraid of dying due to Covid and confined themselves in a tiny room of their house. The volunteers in the Kadali village had found that three women were not leaving their house and when the head of the village had called them to come out, the women had refused to come out by saying that they would die of Covid if they come out. 

The women were identified as Ruthamma and her two daughters Kanthamani (30) and Rani (32). After they were locked in for 15 months without even coming out for essential purposes, the village people feared that they would have become weaker and their health condition might worsen if they were let to stay in confinement for more period. The villagers had then informed the police to rescue the women. 

The police officials of East Godavari had rescued the women from their residence and brought them to the sunlight after 15 months. A police official said that they had got information through village volunteers that three women are staying in a single room due to fear of Covid-19 and the father of the daughters is the only one who goes out of the house. The police had rescued 50-year-old John Benny along with three women and all of them are getting treated at a government hospital.