'Dear Mr Musk, I am interested in the CEO position': How this Indian-American turned heads through his tweet?

After losing the prestigious tag of the world's richest man, Elon Musk is all set to lose the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twitter as majority of his followers disliked his leadership as Twitter had taken erractic turns like never before after Musk acquired the micro-blogging site for $44 billion in late this October.

Soon after he tookover, Musk displayed a hardcore leadership through initiating abrupt firings of Twitter staff and paid subscription service for verification. Within two months of his purchase, Tweeple had several events to showcase that their equation with the  chief is fragile while most of the staff members in Twitter had a souring relationship with him. Many employees saw Musk's reformations as a warning and as a coercion that they need to accept his leadership. A flock of employees quit Twitter and some expressed that they are happy to leave the organization.  

Besides becoming more active on Twitter, Musk had been habitual of running polls on Twitter and it was the channel through which he announced that former US President Donald Trump will be reinstated to Twitter. From paid subscription services, firing staff members, recalling Trump, to suspending the accounts of journalists, Musk himself had given more reasons on why he had been on global headlines and why Twitter was heading towards a whammied future. 

As he caught with more setbacks, Musk came up with a decision of tossing his leadership based on the opinion poll. On December 19, he launched his signature opinion poll on Twitter and asked his 122 million followers "Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll." Taking a prospect to weigh his leadership and have their say, a majority of his followers want him to step down as the Twitter CEO, the moment that perhaps put him in embarrassment. 

As per the poll, 57.5% of his followers asked him to step down from his post while the rest 42.5% came in support of him. Though Musk didn't immediately react to the poll results, he cited that he has no new CEO in his mind. A day after the poll, he tweeted that he will abide by the poll result and that he will step down as the CEO of Twitter after he finds what he called 'foolish successor'. Last week, he wrote, "I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job! After that, I will just run the software & servers teams." 

Now, days after he announced that he will step down from the post of Twitter CEO, an Indian-American professional has come up with his interest to replace Musk. On Saturday - December 24, Indian- American engineer Dr Shiva Ayyadurai has turned heads through his tweet in which he left a brief mention about his degrees and experience. Though Musk didn't respond to Ayyadurai's interest, several Tweeple had combinedly welcomed and opposed his interest. 

Taking to Twitter, Shiva Ayyadurai wrote, "Dear Mr. Musk, I am interested in the CEO position @Twitter. I have 4 degrees from MIT & have created 7 successful high-tech software companies. Kindly advise of the process to apply. Sincerely, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email." Ayyadurai is a supporter of Republican party and is known for his anti-vaccine activism and promoting conspiracy theories and unfounded medical claims. 

In a 2011 article published by Time, Ayyadurai claimed to have invented email during his young age in August 1982. Born in Mumbai in 1963, Ayyadurai grew up in a village in Tamil Nadu and then he was raised in Mumbai before relocating to the US when he was seven years old. He developed a computer software which he called 'email' in 1978 and the US government recognized Ayyadurai as the creator of email on August 30, 1982, and gave him the first US copyright for email. 

He was also a politician in the US and ran for the US Senate election in Massachusetts. He garnered prominence during the Covid outbreak where he staged Covid disinformation campaigns and he went on to endorse unproven Covid-19 treatments and was against the vaccination. As a controversial figure, Ayyadurai's announcement of his interest to become Twitter CEO has been going viral and has sparked a race on who would win in replacing Elon Musk.