From the death of an Ajith fan to the clash between the fans...How the first day of Varisu & Thunivu looked like in TN?

After a long hiatus, the Tamil cinema fans are witnessing hardcore celebrations and clash over the release of Vijay's 'Varisu' and Ajith's 'Thunivu' in the same time on Wednesday - January 11. The iconic release, that became extremerly rare and special for the fans of both the actors, has sparked euphoria across the state and shockingly, the celebrations went wrong and ended up in tragedy in some places. 

In Tamil Nadu, the fans have thronged the theatres and erected banners and cutouts of their favourite actor before the cinema hall. As the fans were celebrating the event and gearing up for the early morning shows, the state was receiving bad news and dreadful incidents, caused by atrociously fervent fans. In Chennai, a 19-year-old fan of Ajith had died when the celebrations went wrong.

19-year-old Bharathkumar, a resident of Chintadripet, was among the hundreds of fans gathered in front of the Rohini Theatre near Koyambedu, Chennai to watch the first show of Thunivu. Ahead of the screening, the fans were dancing and clamouring before the theatre and Bharathkumar went on to dance atop a moving lorry. He eventually lost his balance and fell down.

He sustained a spinal injury and he was rushed to Kilpauk Medical College where he was declared dead at 4.30 am. The incident has triggered outrage against such hardcore celebrations for the movies as several people questioned the fans what's the need for a desperate rush to watch the movie on the first day. In another shocking incident that occurred at the same Rohini theatre complex, the fans went on to break the glass doors of the theatre to enter the cinema hall. 

It has been reported that when the theatre staff were preparing to screen the early morning shows of Thunivu and Varisu, a team of bouncers were seen guarding the glass doors to control the influx of the fans. On the other side, a huge number of fans had pushed the doors to enter the theatre. At one point, the glass doors were scattered and the fans were seen running on the broken pieces of glass. It must be noted that Rohini theatre witnessed a similar incident last year during the release of Ajith's Valimai. 

In another incident at Rohini theatre on Wednesday, there was a clash between the fans of Vijay and Ajith. It has been reported that when Ajith fans saw the banners of Vijay's Varisu, they torn them and after noticing the event, Vijay fans retaliated it by tearing the banners of Ajith's Thunivu. As the clash sparked tensions, the police stationed there had finally restored to lathi-charge to bring back the normalcy. Several fans got beaten by the police. 

In a similar incident in Coimbatore, fans gathered in large numbers at Archana Darshana theatre in the Flower Market area for the 1 am show. While the theatre gates were yet to open, the fans broke the doors at 11.30 pm, one-and-a-half-hour before the screening. When the police came to control the situation, there was an altercation between the officials and the fans.