Degrading Tamils' history and sacrifice for business? The Family Man 2 review!

'There is no flawless disclaimer' - The Family Man 2 has proven it. The Family Man 2 web series had recently got released on Amazon Prime in the albeit of the cyclone of demands from the Tamil organizations to ban the web series as the allegory of the story could possibly hurt the sentiments of Tamil people and would degrade the history of struggle and pain endured by the Tamil people during the final stages of civil war in Sri Lanka. 

When you touch history, there should be no business for shallow, and changing the names of characters won't convince the audience that the movie team has done justice to the disclaimer. The Family Man 2 has hit the streaming platform amid the Tamil Nadu government's demand to the Center to debar the release of the web series and several Tamil nationalists including Seeman and Vaiko had said that the web series badly depicts and belittles the Tamil people, their sacrifices, and their struggle in Sri Lankan civil war. 

The web series was released on June 3 and is there a vindication on the claims from the directors of the series Raj and DK that it won't hurt the sentiments of Tamil people? Let's review the web series...The second season is the sequel of the preceding one that was an action thriller series. In both the season, the hero works in the Intelligence Agency and carries out espionage, and the second season has come under fire for its portrayal of fighting with the history with new names and with the unrecorded past.

The web series starts with the scene where Baskaran, the head of the Tamil revolutionist group in Sri Lanka, reads the news with a headline that he has been killed. As the civil war gets intensified in Sri Lanka, the group has faced backlash due to which Baskaran, Subbu, and Dhileepan flee the country. Srikanth Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee), the lead of the series gives away his job as a secret agent of the Indian Intelligence Agency and works in a corporate company for the sake of his family. 

The revolutionary group has joined hands with a Pakistan-backed organization and decides to assassinate the Indian Prime Minister in Chennai. Srikanth resigns from the corporate company and joins back as a secret agent. The nine episodes of The Family Man 2 revolve around how Srikanth dismantles the plot of assassinating the Indian Prime Minister. One of the vital factors why the trailer of the series had invited the outrage is that the role played by Samantha and some of the dialogues.

The dialogue "There is an unanticipated coalition...ISI and Militants" has drawn massive flak against the series from Tamil people that the web series is trying to unjustifiably establish a connection between Pakistan's ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and Liberal Tigers of Tamil Eelam and such connection was not even proved in history. The movie team has said to express the views after completely watching the web series. But, the allegory of the story is set based on compromising the facts and history - ISI and the Tamil movement have come together and decides to help each other in carrying out an attack against a national leader. 

The binge-watched audiences could raise a question that the web series hasn't directly mentioned the names of the leaders of the Tamil movement and can't it be based on fiction as per the disclaimer? The fact is that when it indicates Baskaran as the leader of the movement and it speaks about forming an own government, it relates to the memories of the true events due to which the web series can't be entirely termed as fiction. It runs through flaws both in disclaimer and direction. 

There is a character who becomes the President of Sri Lanka from being a commander of the military, which explicitly denotes Gotabaya Rajapakse. When the civil war was escalating, Baskaran, who was the Chief of the Tamil movement, flees to London with his peers. His colleague Dhileepan has been attempting to establish a new government under Baskaran with the recognitions of Indian, British, and French governments. During that time, Subbu, the younger brother of Baskaran, was murdered in Chennai and Baskaran again picks the path of violence by losing hope in political progressiveness. 

Many including journalists and international organizations have acknowledged LTTE Chief Prabhakaran as a dignified leader. The character Baskaran, which closely relates to Prabhakaran, displays full of inhumane activities from brutally controlling the cadres of the movements to deciding to attack the Indian Prime Minister for killing his brother. Baskaran is an alcoholic and it degradingly depicts the leader. Moreover, the story tells that the Tamil movement joins hands with ISI to plan for an attack in India, which history itself would hate.

The lines of disciplines drawn by the Tamil movement were robust but Raji (Samantha) displays that she will breach all the extents and protocols to achieve her motive. The agitation of the movement was shrunk within a grid that it is only for fighting against the brutality of the armed forces and to justify, the web series has kept a short flashback which intends to diminish the long history and struggle. While the web series had badly branded the Tamil movement, the movie team didn't spare Tamil Nadu. 

If you see the web series being a native of Chennai, you would obviously begin to dislike the city as the city was shown in dust, dirt, and blemished ambience with the lifestyle of the people are depicted the city several decades ago and the movie team had seemed to be missed out the city after the 1990s. It can be argued that the movie team has the freedom to choose locations but questions towards its storyline and allegory are inevitable as the web series deals with the history and sentiments of people. 

In conclusion, if someone who doesn't know the history watches the web series, he or she would probably come to the decision that the Tamil movement had indulged in connection with Pakistan's ISI. The screenplay provokes hatred towards the Tamil movement from the people who won't aware of the past, which, in fact, a dangerous precedent. The movie team would fade away without balming the hurt of the sentiments by using a 'disclaimer'. 

Freedom of making a movie is a guaranteed right and the making shouldn't be done without introspection of what's being touched. Most of the movies are made for business but no one is entitled to downplay or degrade history under the guise of making money. The Family Man 2 may be a feast for binge-watchers but it has less likely delivered justice to the story, facts, and to disclaimer. As said in the beginning, The Family Man 2 has proven that there are no flawless disclaimers.