Did actor Ranbir Kapoor really throw away a fan's mobile after a selfie? This viral video puts netizens in divide!

Popular actor Ranbir Kapoor has attracted a cause celebre across and beyond the Bollywood town for sparking controversy of throwing away the mobile phone of a fan after the latter took a selfie. The visual of this hot potato moment has been rampant across the social media and interestingly, the video of the incident has put netizens in a divide. 

In the viral video, the actor appears to be posing happily for the selfie in what seemed to be a good fanboy meet. However, seconds later, the trend was changed as Ranbir Kapoor lost his cool, took the mobile phone from the fan and suddenly, threw it away. For viewers who smiled as big as the fan who took a selfie with the actor, what happened after that had shocked them. 

As what happened after he threw away the fan wasn't visible in the video, the actor has been surfaced with outrage as several people furiously slammed Ranbir Kapoor for his unruly behaviour. Critizing the actor, one of the Tweeple wrote, "This is so rude of him." Another user wrote, "Shocking, Ranbir Kapoor throws fan's phone for annoying him for a selfie." Another user said, "If I would have been there, I would throw my shoe on his face with same cool look."

One user urged the Indian celebrities to think before they act. A popular film critic wrote, "Ranbir Kapoor is a very arrogant person, his recent behaviour toward his fans prove it." As his gesture against the fan had a contentious reception, several netizens have also trolled him. Another user wrote, "Angry Ranbir Kapoor should need to apologize for his behaviour towards his fan." 

The visual has sparked a divide between the netizens as when he was being slammed by a group of people, Ranbir Kapoor's ardent fans have come out in support of him and said that the incident was scripted as it was a part of his advertisement shoot. Several reports claim that the incident was a publicity stunt for a phone advertisement.

Amidst the trending hashtag of #angryranbirkapoor, a fan of Ranbir Kapoor wrote, "A video is going viral in which Ranbir Kapoor throws a fan's mobile when he is taking a selfie. Just to clear this out, this is an Ad shoot going viral bcoz of the unique promotion campaign, so please don't spread unnecessary hate, think twice before tweeting."