DMK councillor in Chennai is absconding...Police arrest her husband in a cheating case!

A DMK Councillor in Chennai is on the run after staging a fake drama with her husband in his bid to acquire an ancestral property. The police have launched a search to nab the councillor, Vimala, while her husband Krishnamurthy has been apprehended and taken under judicial custody.  

Krishnamurthy is a DMK functionary and he was arrested by the Central Crime Branch police in Tambaram on Monday. Vimala is a DMK councillor, representing the 124th ward of Mylapore in Chennai Corporation and after learning that her husband has got arrested, she fled the scene to evade the arrest and has been on the run after being accused of a fake impersonation. 

According to sources, Vimala has played as a fake impersonator of Krishnamurthy's sister to acquire his ancestral property valued at Rs 25 crore in Navalur. It has been reported that Krishnamurthy's grandmother had left a will in 2003 in which she equally divided the ancestral property among Krishnamurthy and his three siblings, Manoharan, Nagamani, and Uma Maheswari. 

Krishnamurthy planned to abduct the property from her siblings. As her sister Nagamani was not cooperating, he invited his other two siblings to the sub-registrar office to execute their grandmother's will. However, he reportedly sold the property to businessman, 53-year-old Amar Ram, of Sholinganallur in 2017. Krishnamurthy went on to use his wife Vimala to impersonate his sister Nagamani and made her sign the document before the Sub-Registrar's Office in Navalur. 

After the deal, businessman Ram settled the amount to Krishnamurthy and registered the property in his name in 2018. Later, Krishnamurthy's brother Manoharan realized that he was duped by his brother and he approached the city civil court in Chengalpet and sought a directive against Krishnamurthy and Ram and to revoke the registration of the property. 

Ram bought the property for Rs 60 lakh from Krishnamurthy. However, Ram later realized that the property was worth more than that and decided to sell the property for Rs 25 crore. When Krishnamurthy learned about Ram's move to sell the property, he formed a gang and threatened Ram. The latter was intimidated by the gang at knife-point and made him sign the property transfer papers at the Sub-Registrar's Office to Krishnamurthy's name.

Ram has recently filed a police complaint against Krishnamurthy, his wife Vimala, and ten others. On the other hand, Krishnamurthy's sister Nagamani has filed a separate complaint in Tambaram against Krishnamurthy and Vimala for cheating and impersonating her. While the police arrested Krishnamurthy on Monday, his wife Vimala is on the run and officials are on the lookout to arrest the DMK councillor.