DMK govt's scheme of Rs 1000 for women heads: MK Stalin reveals who are qualified to receive the assistance!

Days after the DMK-ruling Tamil Nadu government announced, in its budget, that one of its 2021 assembly poll promises - giving Rs 1000 per month for women heads in the state will be implemented in September this year, Chief Minister MK Stalin on Monday - March 27 revealed the bracket of the qualified women heads who will be eligible to receive the monthly assistance, which has been termed as one of the biggest women welfare schemes in the country. 

By announcing the eligibility, Stalin has largerly dotted up the speculations and perplexions around the criterium of 'qualified women heads'. The scheme would be implemented on September 15, 2023, on the occasion of DMK founder and former Chief Minister CN Annadurai's birth anniversary. For the upcoming financial year, Rs 7,000 crore has been allotted for the scheme. 

With the allocation, we can come to the assertion that the scheme will be given to 1 crore women heads across the state despite the demand from the opposition that the assistance should be conferred to 2.34 crore ration cards. When the scheme will be implemented in September, it will have seven months left in the financial year and Rs 7,000 crore for the scheme would get split to Rs 1,000 crore per month, which means the assistance would be disbursed to 1 crore women. 

Speaking in the Assembly on Monday, Chief Minister MK Stalin said that Rs 1,000 financial assistance will be given to fisherwomen, women who are roadside shopkeepers, women working in construction, small shops, small business enterprises for low wages. The financial assistance will also be given to women who are working in multiple households in a day. By citing that the guidelines of the scheme will be released soon, the Chief Minister said that the amount will be paid into the bank account of the women heads. 

The Chief Minister further said, "This government has been implementing many noble schemes which are not mentioned in the manifesto. The government announced the Women's Empowerment Scheme which is the biggest project of the year." He stated that women who provide labour in various forms will get benefitted from this scheme.