A DMK leader is suspended from the party after his remarks against Governor Ravi sparked row!

DMK's leadership has suspended Sivaji Krishnamurthy from the party after his remarks against Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi have sparked row with the latter's office, Raj Bhavan, writing to Chennai Police Commissioner to take against action Krishnamurthy for his abusive comments. Joining RN Ravi, the state BJP unit has also demanded the immediate arrest of Krishnamurthy. 

DMK has on Friday - January 14 issued a statement in which it has announced that Krishnamurthy has been suspended from the party. A press release by DMK's general secretary and senior minister Durai Murugan has said that party's orator Sivaji Krishnamurthy is suspended, from his posts and primary membership, for violating party's discipline and bringing disrepute to the party. 

The statement from the party didn't have any mention about Sivaji Krishnamurthy's abusive remarks against the Governor. While addressing a party event on Thursday, Krishnamurthy courted a fresh controversy when criticizing the Governor for the latter's conduct of violating the assembly's tradition when he skipped key parts in his speech that was prepared by the DMK government. 

Krishnamurthy said, "If the Governor refuses to utter the name of Ambedkar in his Assembly speech, don't I have the right to assault him?". "If you (Governor) don't read out the speech given by the Tamil Nadu government, then go to Kashmir, and we will send terrorists so that they will gun you down", Krishnamurthy stated only to quickly caught into outcry from the Tamil Nadu BJP leaders. Responding to his remarks, Tamil Nadu BJP's Vice President Narayana Thirupathy on Friday slammed DMK leader Sivaji Krishnamurthy and questioned whether the DMK has any links with terrorists.

Speaking to ANI, Narayana Thirupathy said, "It's DMK's culture. For the last 60 years, they have been using foul and filthy language and are known for it. It's in DMK's DNA. Sivaji Krishnamurthy and RS Bharathi had abused Governor RN Ravi and said they will kill him. We wonder if DMK has any links with terrorists." He further said, "DMK's Krishnamurthy should be immediately arrested. He should be put under the NIA scanner since he had said that he will send terrorists to kill Governor Ravi in Jammu and Kashmir." 

In line with Thirupathy, several BJP leaders have flayed Krishnamurthy and demanded his immediate arrest. Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai wrote to the state's Director-General of Police and said Krishnamurthy has abused the Governor and made unpardonable remarks. As Krishnamurthy's speech went viral, the Tamil Nadu Governor's Office, Raj Bhavan, has written to the Chennai Police Commissioner to take action against Krishnamurthy for his abusive remarks against Governor RN Ravi.

In his letter, Deputy Secretary to the Governor, S Prasanna Ramasamy said that a video of Sivaji Krishnamurthy using abusive, defamatory and derogatory language against the Governor has been uploaded on social media and has been going viral. By urging the Commissioner to take immediate action against Krishnamurthy, the complaint from the Raj Bhavan said that the abusive and intimidatory speech attracts Section 124 (Assaulting President and Governor with intent to compel or restrain the exercise of any lawful power) of the Indian Penal Code.