DMK's Stalin has come up with a new plan to take over the ADMK: What's in the pack?

As the state of Tamil Nadu is just months ahead for hosting the next legislative elections, the political parties are gearing up their ships to sail towards the victory amid the COVID-19 outbreak and the parties are combinedly working to take on the rivals and to enhance their strongholds in the state by boosting its fleet to tackle the political storm. 

Tamil Nadu Opposition party DMK has strongly been hoping to take over the reign from the ADMK party and both the Dravidian parties have started to launch the counter attacks against each other, to strengthen the base and alliance. As the next legislative elections hold the answer to determine the strongholds of DMK in the state, party president Stalin has come up with the new plan to improve its base and to web more members towards the party. 

According to reports, MK Stalin has on Tuesday launched an online membership drive to enroll more members in the party. Named as 'Ellorum Nammudan' (Everyone is with us), the party has set a target of enrolling at least 25 lakh new members in 45 days through the new membership drive. Stalin has unveiled the drive at the party headquarters in Chennai in the presence of the party's senior leaders and MLAs. 

In a statement, the party said that around one lakh people including both leaders and members would be involved in the drive to meet the target of enrolling 25 lakh members in 45 days. The party had further stated that anyone who has attained the age of 18 can become a member of the party through this online drive and they won't be charged with any membership fee. 

The details of the enrolled members would be verified by the members of the local party units and based on which, the enrolled members would become formal members of the party and such members would be given a right to vote in the party's elections at the end of one year. The development has come when the political heat between the top two parties in the state intensifies over the recent issues, from the COVID-19 outbreak, economy, and suicides of students due to NEET. 

These issues are on the top of the fray and would be the key subjects on the campaign trail and the upcoming polls would be crucial for the Central ruling BJP party to enhance its stronghold in the state. On Wednesday, Former IPS Officer and Tamil Nadu BJP's vice-president Annamalai said that the BJP would be emerging as the strongest party in Tamil Nadu with a powerful base during the 2021 assembly polls. Annamalai further stated that the voters in Tamil Nadu are eyeing BJP as a change for ADMK and DMK in the state. 

The reports say that the DMK hopes that its online membership drive will stabilize the base across the party and it would also give an easy outreach among young people, whose wave would determine the ships towards the victory and defeat. Fixing criteria of the age of 18 as the eligibility, the party eyes to web the fresh voters by inducting them as the party members and the drive and target to achieve in 45 days would also help the party to understand the grounds of young people towards the party before it hits the campaign trail as the DMK leadership had said that one lakh people would be involved in the drive, which exemplified that the party relies on the younger voter base while it prepares to take on the ruling ADMK.