"Do not charge for cleaning school premises" - Chief Secretary's letter to District Collectors

(This article is authored by Alar, a freelance content writer)

Schools in Tamil Nadu will be reopened from the 13th (Monday) for students studying from class 1 to class 10 after the summer holidays. 

District administrations are actively involved in the preparations for the opening of schools. In this context, the Chief Secretary has issued an important order to the District Collectors regarding the opening of schools on the 13th.

In the letter sent by the Chief Secretary, "Painting walls, cleaning the grounds and disposing of waste, that has been left behind since the school was closed for the past two years. Parent-teacher associations should be involved in these tasks. and they should not get any funds.

Laboratories should be kept clean by carrying out necessary repair work. Toilets, Classrooms, and blackboards should be kept clean and in good condition. The children probably have not been in any form of physical activity. So the playground should be ready for children to play. Drinking water should contain the right amount of chlorine. The school building and lunch hall should be kept clean and whitewashed.

The Parent-Teacher Association should work closely with these tasks. It is already known that many headmasters do this work very well. He also informed that awards will be presented at the Independence Day celebrations to the best-performing staff.