'Don't call as Lady Superstar' How actress Malavika Mohanan's comment irked fans and how she reacts to it

(This article is authored by Alar)

Nayanthara's interview as part of promotions for her film Connect has caught a fair amount of attention for her response to  an old interview of Malavika Mohanan where she criticized her for wearing makeup and looking prim and proper in an emotional hospital scene. The video went fire on internet and thrashed the Master film actress for the comment.

It appears that the actress has once again granted in to the resent for her criticism of the "ladysuper star' tag, but she set the record straight by explaining that her comment was not intended to be taken literally. Malavika argues that the superstar label should not be associated with either gender.

She passed this comment in an interview as part of the promotion for her upcoming film Christy. "I don’t like the term (superstar). Actors can be called superstar but I don’t understand what is lady superstar. You don’t ‘lady’ tag. Superstar is enough," Malavika said in the video.

In response to Malavika's remark, Nayanthara's backers again voiced their anger internet. After her opinion was misinterpreted by the media and her fans, Malavika reiterated that she only stressed to tag in the same way we would to a male or female celebrity.

Responding to a news article, Malavika penned, "My comment was about a term that is used to describe female actors & not about any specific actor. I really respect & admire Nayanthara, and as a senior really look up to her incredible journey. Can people please calm down. Especially the tabloid journos."

Earlier for the criticising comment from Malavika on Nayanthara's makeup in particular film, Nayanthara responded, "In an interview of another heroine. She didn’t mention my name but she was talking about me. She said she saw me in a movie hospital scene looking prim and proper. She is asked how someone can look so beautiful in a hospital setting. I don't think you have to look prim and proper in a hospital, but you also don't have to look bad to be fair, do you?" She stated.