Don't defame our father... Mayilsamy's sons clear the air about the rumors of the veteran actor's demise

(This article is authored by Alar)

The death of the versatile comedy actor Mayilsamy shook the film industry and his fans to their very core. He passed away due to cardiac arrest and reported dead on 19th February, Sunday. In latest development, with a press conference, both of Mayilsamy's sons have clarified the circumstances surrounding their father's death, which have been the subject of numerous online rumours.

Anbu and Yuvan, the sons of Mayilsamy addressed the press and media as there were conflicting reports about their father's death in every medium. So to dispel the rumours, his son went on to describe what happened on the day of his sudden death. He said that on Shivarathri, they all went to the Kelambakkam temple where they celebrated the event with drums Shivamani.

"Then, around 3 am, we got back home. He said that he was hungry then he would feel better if he ate something. After that I cooked it for him.  Soon after he eats, he said that he feels like the food is in his chest. He went to his room after drinking hot water. Later, mother informed us that father complained that it's hard to breathe for him in a few minutes,

"Then I drove my father to the hospital. Doctors who looked at him there said that he was dead. I thought he would be in a coma, so I took him to Porur Ramachandra Hospital. They also confirmed that father had died there. After that, we took it home and gave the proper last rites,"

According to them, many individuals are spreading incorrect information. And some individuals have falsely stating that the cause of death was alcoholism. But after suffering a heart attack, he stopped drinking cleanly, according to his son. Aside from that, many also have misreporting that he has had two previous heart attacks, making this the third which caused the death.

But twelve years ago, my father underwent bypass surgery and few months ago, he had his first heart attack on Tiruvannamalai Deepam, so it was the second on Sunday. According to him, he carefully considered his health in regards to his diet and he was only concerned with the temple and God. But some YouTube channels are spreading wrong news. They lastly requested the press to not to spread any rumors regarding their father. "If necessary, we will take legal action against those who spread false news,” he said