Don't force people to do this: PMK's Ramadoss slams Amit Shah...What's the friction?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has invited controversy over his advocacy for Hindi while addressing on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. Speaking at the event to celebrate the language, Amit Shah said that Hindi complements India's regional languages and he went on to call Hindi as a friend for other Indian linguals. His address of preaching Hindi didn't catch well across the country as several leaders have been slamming him for his bid to impose Hindi on the diversified land. 

Amit Shah had encouraged parents to speak with their children in Hindi along with their mother tongues at home even their children are studying in English as the medium of instruction in schools. By citing that Hindi has no difference from any regional language, the Union Home Minister maintained that all regional languages must be promoted and encouraged. Amit Shah said people should not only be Atma Nirbhar (self-reliant) in producing goods but also for languages. 

Hailing his boss, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah has cited Modi's example of speaking only in Hindi at all international forums to convey his thoughts. Referring to the New Educational Policy, Amit Shah said it has provisions for the promotion of regional and Hindi languages. In what has become a speech that displayed the propaganda of 'One Nation, One Language', Amit Shah said, "There is no need to hesitate, no need to suffer any inferiority complex. When the Prime Minister speaks Hindi at the highest of international platforms, what are we worried about?."

Amit Shah went on to say that the country would progress only when all Indians use the official language Hindi along with their mother tongues. His speech had stirred a furore across the country as it, for yet another time, showered light on BJP's fundamentalist campaigns. His comments had drawn sharp reactions from several political leaders across the country. In Tamil Nadu, PMK Chief Ramadoss, whose party observes alliance with the BJP in the state, had come down hard on Amit Shah for his Hindi advocacy. 

In his response on Tuesday, Ramadoss had urged Amit Shah don't force people to learn Hindi along with their mother tongues. Ramadoss took to Twitter and voiced against the comments made by the Union Home Minister. The PMK leader noted that Amit Shah's advocacy is an act of imposing Hindi indirectly and Ramadoss said that it was nothing wrong with encouraging people to use Hindi. However, Amit Shah's claim that the country will progress only when people use Hindi was wrong. Ramadoss expressed that such a claim has a hidden agenda. 

As Amit Shah's speech sparked friction from an allied leader, Ramadoss had reminded the Home Minister of a long-pending demand across the country to make all 22 languages including Tamil, in the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution, as official languages. Ramadoss has urged the Union government to fulfil that demand and to ensure that it creates linguistic equality. Ramadoss had tweeted his response and used the hashtag of #StopHindiImposition.