'Don't force us to demand a separate Tamil Nadu': How DMK MP A Raja's threatening remarks spurred controversy?

DMK MP and senior leader A Raja has spurred nationwide controversy over his remarks that were in the fashion of threatening the BJP regime that the DMK would be forced to ask to separate Tamil Nadu had the Centre failed to guarantee the autonomic status to the state. A Raja, who is a confidante of Chief Minister MK Stalin, has been serving as the Lok Sabha MP from the Nilgiris constituency.  

His speech about separating Tamil Nadu has indeed given an unhindered ground for the BJP to score well through disseminating it by alleging that the DMK has been drawing a line of division. Speaking at a conference for local body representatives of DMK that was held in Namakkal on Sunday, A Raja has urged the Centre not to force DMK to resurrect the demand for a 'separate Tamil Nadu'. 

Notably, the conference had the presence of Chief Minister MK Stalin who rendered his applause for A Raja's speech. Speaking on the topic of 'Autonomy for states, federalism in Centre', A Raja said, "We will not stop our fight until Tamil Nadu gets state autonomy." He further said, "Though we follow the path of Periyar, we kept aside the demand for separate Tamil Nadu for national integrity and democracy." 

"I humbly request Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah not to force us to revive the demand (for separate Tamil Nadu). Please give us state autonomy", Raja added. He noted that the Chief Minister is walking in the footprints of Aringar Anna and that don't push the party towards the way shown by Thanthai Periyar, who demanded a separate Tamil Nadu. 

The DMK MP has slammed the Centre for enjoying greater powers and keeping the states dependable on it. He highlighted that Tamil Nadu's share of GST contribution was 6.5% but the state is getting just 2.5% in return from the Centre. He said, "Even for simple issues, states have to depend on the Centre." A Raja has also condemned the Centre for leaving the economical demands from the states behind besides not looking into increasing the employment opportunities. 

A Raja said, "Till the time we are in India, Tamils will not get any economic growth nor any part in jobs." His remarks had spurred outrage and several political leaders from the opposition camp had flayed A Raja and urged him to withdraw his comments. BJP leaders have claimed that Raja's comments have promoted separatist sentiments as the event has posed big trouble for the ruling DMK. BJP leader Shehzad Poonawalla took to Twitter and wrote, "DMK MP A Raja in the presence of CM Stalin says, 'Don't make us demand separate Tamil Nadu'. It is one thing to oppose a party at the Centre but while doing so will you start opposing the idea of One India iself?".