'Don't get scared BJP, because...': Rahul Gandhi speaks in the Lok Sabha amidst a sharp attention!

In the midst of sharp attention from the members of the house and the people across the nation, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi began his speech in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday - August 9 for the first time since his Lok Sabha membership was reinstated after the Supreme Court stayed his conviction in a criminal defamation case recently. 

Rahul Gandhi has opened his remarks during a debate on the no-confidence motion, moved by the Congress party, against the BJP regime over a prolong silence from Prime Minister Narendra Modi with regard to the Manipur violence. The debate on the motion began on Tuesday and on Wednesday, during the second day of the debate, Rahul Gandhi rose from his seat to address the house. 

Since the start of his speech, Rahul Gandhi had encountered several disruptions from the BJP MPs. Beginning his speech with a token of praise from the Congress and the opposition members, Rahul Gandhi said, "Speaker sir, first of all, I would like to thank you for reinstating me as an MP of the Lok Sabha." Remniscing his last speech in the Lok Sabha about Adani and how it caused trouble to the BJP, the Congress leader had said that the BJP needn't be scared today. 

Rahul Gandhi said, "When I spoke the last time, perhaps I caused you trouble because I focussed on Adani - maybe your senior leader was pained...That pain might have had an impact on you as well. I apologise to you for that. But I spoke the truth. Today, my friends in BJP need not be scared because my speech today is not on Adani." 

When Rahul Gandhi touched upon his Bharat Jodo Yatra and the Manipur violence, the BJP MPs sparked a ruckus in the house and they went on to urge Rahul Gandhi to tender apology. Union Ministers Kiren Rijiju and Smiti Irani came down heavily on Rahul Gandhi while they were countered by the opposition MPs. 

Rahul Gandhi's comments that the Prime Minister is working for Adani and that he had forgotten Manipur didn't go well with the BJP and Smiti Irani said that she condemns the speech of Rahul Gandhi and she also slammed the united opposition coalition INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance). Rahul Gandhi's first speech after his membership was restored has been going viral. 

In his speech, Rahul Gandhi has also announced that his journey isn't over, hinting that he is ready for the second leg of Bharat Jodo Yatra. The Congress leader is all set to visit his Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency in Kerala on August 12 and 13 after getting reinstated as an MP. On the other hand, while the Lok Sabha will conclude its debate on the no-confidence motion on Wednesday, it has been reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be responding to the debate on Thursday.