'Don't put me in pain': Rajini's strong demand to his fans...Check what he has said!

Amid staunch calls and protests from his fans and members of his outfit across the state to press him to reconsider his decision of not entering politics, actor Rajinikanth has on Monday reiterated his affirmation on the decision of staying off from politics and his statement has come as his bid to appeal to his fans not to protest and put him in deep pain through their calls of urging him to enter politics. 

In his statement, Rajinikanth said, "Some people had conducted a meeting in Chennai along with the expelled members of the Rajini Makkal Mandram to discuss my decision of not entering politics and to reconsider it. My commendation for this meeting which was held with dignity and discipline. But, it pains me that this meeting was organized by defying the order of the leadership of the outfit". 

"I thank the members of Rajini Makkal Mandram those who didn't participate in the meeting by adhering to the order of the leadership. I have already made my reasons clear on why I can't able to plunge into politics now. I have announced my decision. Therefore, I ask everyone not to put me into further pain by conducting such meetings and events to urge me to enter politics", the superstar added as he strongly closed his doors of politics. 

Rajinikanth's reiteration has come when he has been surfaced with speculations and widespread appeals from his fans and members who are demanding him to reconsider his decision and enter politics ahead of the assembly polls.  The actor's statement has come a day after thousands of fans and followers organized a protest in Valluvar Kottam in Chennai. They had upheld the strong call of demanding the actor to enter electoral politics. 

With their demands being erected as slogans in the banners, thousands of fans had gathered at Valluvar Kottam on Sunday and the protest was at an unprecedented scale and fashion and it lasted for the whole day where the fans and members staunchly called the actor to join electoral politics. They had gathered by defying the orders of Rajini Makkal Mandram, which had banned such demonstrations. 

By heated protests, they also had shown that they hadn't accepted the actor's decision of staying off from politics with many fans demanded Rajinikanth enter politics to save Tamil Nadu. Similar calls were heard across the state along with displeasures and disappointments over his sudden twist of not entering politics, which he took weeks after asserting that he would enter politics and launch a political party by January 2021. 

The protests on Sunday had the presence of the members from across the state and their strong call had levied more pressure on Rajinikanth to pay heed to their requests of reconsidering his decision. It was also speculated that the BJP has been hoping to yield his voice in support of the party while some of the ADMK leaders had also publicized their hope of having superstar's support.  However, amid heated speculations, Rajinikanth has now reiterated that he has made his decision and pressed that he will stand with his decision of not entering politics. 

He further asked his fans not to cause him more pain by organizing such events to force him to enter politics. Rajini's electoral political entry was in the fray of expectations for two decades and on December 3, he made a big announcement that he will enter politics and launch a political party in January 2021 to contest in the upcoming assembly polls. 

He said that he is ready to give his life to the Tamil Nadu people and vowed that it's time to change the fate of the state. However, two days ahead of his announcement on political party, the much-expected actor had ended his political drama and said that he will not enter politics by citing that his health condition is not supporting him to take a political plunge. On Monday, while speaking to a news agency, Rajini's closest aide Tamilaruvi Manian asserted that Rajinikanth will not extend his support to any political parties.