'Eating fish will make eyes as those of Aishwarya Rai': This BJP Minister sparks controversy!

A BJP Minister in Maharashtra has sparked controversy through his remarks of advising people to eat fish daily so that their eyes will become as those of Aishwarya Rai, a veteran actress who was a recipient of Miss World crown. His remarks have triggered a fury with an urge from the opposition, asking him to concentrate on his ministerial duties and pipe down from making such contentious comments. 

68-year-old Vijaykumar Gavit is serving as Maharashtra's Tribal Minister and while addressing at a public function in the Nandurbar district, Gavit went on to say that Aishwarya Rai would consume fish daily and that eating fish will make eyes as beautiful as those of the veteran actress. Gavit said, "People who consume fish on a daily basis develop smooth skin and their eyes sparkle." 

"If anyone looks at you, the person will get attracted (towards you). Did I tell you about Aishwarya Rai? She lived near the seashore in Mangaluru. She would consume fish daily. Have you seen her eyes? You will also have eyes like her", Gavit added. He further said, "The fish contains some oils, it make your skin smooth." 

As his remarks went viral, they quickly drawn attention and defending Gavit's remarks, BJP MLA Nitesh Rane said, "I eat fish daily. My eyes should have become like that (like those of Aishwarya Rai). I will ask Gavit sahib if there is any research on this." However, the opposition parties had slammed Gavit and NCP MLA Amol Mitkari said that Gavit should focus on issues faced by tribals, instead of making such 'frivolous' comments.

Reacting to the incident, Maharashtra Women's Commission chief Rupali Chakankar asked Gavit to submit an explanation in three days about his comments. In her letter, Chakankar said, "Videos have gone viral in which you (Gavit) have made insulting comments against women. There has been reactions to your comments in the society. People's representatives should be cautious of their comments as it creates long lasting impression on the society. You should submit your clarification in three days before the state women's commission. A state's progress is defined on the women and their safety."