Enjoy'ing' Enjaami...Dhee and Arivu set the screen on fire: Check the song's latest milestone!

Singers Dhee and Arivu had set the screen on fire through their recent independent single 'Enjoy Enjaami' as the people across and beyond the borders are enjoying Enjaami. Through garnering global attention for its style of production, lyrics, and voice, Enjoy Enjaami has been culminating with new milestones as the song has been on the floor of trending since its release. 

With the resounding reception, Enjoy Enjaami has already become one of the unskippable pieces in the kitty of the everlasting songs. From Youtube to Spotify, it has become the most-heard song in recent times and has been unveiling big feats. The song has been stormed by the cyclone of viewers as it is garnering an overwhelming scale of positive critics. 

Adding a feather to its cap of feats, Enjoy Enjaami has set a new milestone on Youtube as the song has earned over 5 crore views so far in two weeks of its release and the reception had awarded two million likes and over one lakh comments, which had displayed how the song had influenced and impacted the viewers. The song had also shined a significant light on Dhee and Arivu in their careers and it has been occupying the Trending list for its feats. 

The song runs for five minutes and singer and songwriter Arivu said that the song is a dedication to Valliamma, honoring the goddess of the forest Valli. Apart from Dhee's distinctive alto voice, the lyrics also talk about how forests made way for civilizations and it talks about the necessity of preserving the nature and environment. The song has been presented by Maajja, which is AR Rahman's independent music collective initiative. 

Along with Dhee and Arivu, Dhee's stepfather and reputed music director Santhosh Narayanan have also teamed up to present the song. Recently, in what has become an honor for the song and its allegory, Indian dairy brand Amul had celebrated the song by creating a doodle of Enjoy Enjaami poster with their mascots. The doodle shows a woman sitting on the golden throne with a man standing next to her, just like Dhee and Arivu in the song. 

After being showered with feats, Santhosh Narayanan took to Twitter and thanked the fans for the overwhelming response. In his statement, he said, "Thank you all so much for the abundant love for Enjoy Enjaami. Dhee, Arivu, the entire team, and I are emotionally moved and very grateful for your unconditional support. The way you are celebrating this is so touching. This song is for all the independent musicians and artists whose expression needs to be captured and glorified". 

"We will continue the pursuit of identifying the voices and artists who need support and exposure. Also, there are many great artists who will join this revolution as we progress. Above all, everything we do is for you my dear people. Please continue your graceful and abundant support", Santhosh Narayanan added. At the time of writing this content, Enjoy Enjaami has got over 52 million views and counting, as the viewers are Enjoying Enjaami.