From Euro 2020, Test cricket finals to PM Modi: The tale of asking 'Valimai' update!

The ardent fans of Ajith go everywhere in search of a 'Valimai' update. Their 'everywhere' includes the arena that has nothing to do with the movie. Valimai has been a long-anticipated movie of Ajith, that has kept behind the screens for more than a year without even releasing a single update. As the movie is getting delayed in an unprecedented fashion, the fans are displaying unprecedented events in their bid to get a movie update. 

The tale of asking Valimai update has been a trending topic across and beyond as the fans are holding the banners and placards asking 'Valimai Update' regardless of the climate. Some of the fans had held the banner of the Valimai update when Prime Minister Modi's convey had travelled in Chennai months back and the fans had also asked for the update from the political leaders. 

The tale has gone to other global arenas from politics. Recently, when India and New Zealand cricket teams were playing the final of the World Test Championship match in England, some of the fans had asked for the Valimai update and they also had asked Indian spinner Ashwin for the update. The event had drawn major attention from across and beyond the borders and in line with that, a fan has held a placard at the football match of Euro 2020. 

The fan has held the placard at the Wembley Stadium in the UK when England and Denmark were battling in the semi-finals. The match was held on Wednesday the fan has written 'Valimai Update?' on a green placard and he also had written the names of Ajith and Boney Kapoor on it. The picture of him holding the placard has been doing rounds on social media and has become the latest addition to the tale.

 Ajith was disturbed by such a tale of asking Valimai update and he had already issued a statement in which he asked the fans to be patient. He asked the fans to maintain decorum in public and said that he was upset to see his fans asking for the Valimai update from politicians and sportsmen. The fans have been asking for the update for over a year and the hashtag #ValimaiUpdate has been trending on Twitter for several months. 

Despite asking for the update by breaking the lines, the fans were eventually failed to get the update as the movie team has been observing tight secrecy. Recently, the reports close to the development had said that the Valimai Update will be unveiled by July 15. However, even before the release of the update, Valimai has created two big feats. 

Valimai's worldwide theatrical, satellite, and digital rights have been sold for around Rs 215 crore. Significantly, the big deal is considered as one of the biggest deals accomplished by a Tamil movie even before its first look, which would give predictions over the storyline of the movie. Apart from the big business deal of Rs 215 crore, Valimai has also crossed 1 million interests on Book My Show, a leading portal to book and reserve movie tickets. These 1 million people had expressed their interest to watch Valimai and it has been reported that no other Indian film has earned the interest of this kind on Book My Show.

Produced by Boney Kapoor under the banner of Bayview Projects, Valimai is directed by H Vinoth and it has been reported that the movie is nearing completion and the first look will be released along with the details of the movie release. While Ajith plays the lead role, Huma Qureshi, Karthikeya Gummakonda, Yogi Babu, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Pavel Navageethan, and Achyuth Kumar will be playing the important roles. As the movie is expected to get released in the second half of 2021, it has now been speculated that Valimai will most likely clash with Rajini's 'Annaatthee' during this year's Diwali.