Exodus of Sri Lankan people into Tamil Nadu...How TN Govt is prepared to address the influx?

In the midst of the worst economic crisis, Sri Lanka has been witnessing a displacement of its population as several people are leaving the country to escape the downfall and uncertainty and Tamil Nadu, which shares its border in proximity with Sri Lanka, has become the major option for the Sri Lanka people to seek refuge.  As some people have already arrived in the state, the Tamil Nadu government has been preparing to address the influx. 

Recently, four more people from Sri Lanka had arrived in Tamil Nadu and they have been taken to the camps. While speaking to IANS, a senior bureaucrat said, "Already 20 Sri Lankan Tamils are housed at the Mandapam refugee camp since their arrival following the financial crisis in Sri Lanka and our Chief Minister has directed all the departments to take a benevolent view of the refugees." 

Chief Minister MK Stalin has instructed the government departments to prepare themselves for the arrival of more Sri Lankan Tamils. He also had sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar requesting their intervention in the matter. In the latest influx, a family of four- husband, wife, and two children, had arrived in Dhanushkodi.

The coastal guards had taken them into custody and handed them over to the Mandapam Camp. The family which came from Sri Lanka had said that they were suffering from poverty and they don't have adequate measures to win bread. With no other options, they had finally decided to reach India. 34-year-old Kishanthan, the head of the family, said that there were no food and the family had to go to sleep without food for several days. 

He said that the family was helped by Sri Lankan fishermen to cross the Indian waters and reach Dhanushkodi. He further said that several Sri Lankans will arrive in Tamil Nadu as refugees as they can't able to bear the economic and political crises in the island nation. On March 22, 16 Sri Lankan Tamils had arrived in India in two batches and they have been camped in Mandapam.