Fake doctorates row: Chennai police file a case based on a plaint from Anna University!

As the doctorates awarded by the International Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Council are turned to be fake, the Chennai Police have filed a case against the council based on a complaint from Anna University, where the council has recently organized its event to confer doctorates to prominent people. 

The Chennai Police on Thursday registered a case against Harish, the director of International Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Council, under several sections of Indian Penal Code in connection with alleged bestowment of fake honorary doctorates to a league of celebrities at Anna University. The complaint was filed by Ravi Kumar, registrar in charge of Anna University, against the council. 

Based on the complaint, the police have booked a case against the council on the grounds of criminal breach of trust, cheating, and forgery. As the trouble has been mounting, Harish has absconded and has been under a manhunt. The official website of the council has been suspended. Last Sunday, the council has organized an event at Anna University where the council members have conferred honorary doctorates for celebrities including popular music director Deva. 

The council has also handed over the doctorate to comedian Vadivelu at his home. However, the event at Anna University brought to light that the council has been offering fake doctorates and conning the prominent people. It was reported that the council has acquired a letter from former judge Vallinayagam and presented it to the officials of Anna University to conduct the event at its premises. 

Justice Vallinayagam has said that he has never given such recommendation letters in his entire career. He claimed that he attended the event as a guest and said that the university could have called him to verify the letter's authenticity. Vallinayagam's response has come after Anna University's vice-chancellor Velraj's remarks that his letter made the varsity to provide a space to the council for their event. 

Velraj said that the council has asked the dean of the College of Engineering last November to provide a space for rent for half a day. Velraj further said that as the dean denied the council's request, the council members came back on January with the recommendation letter from Justice Vallinayagam. The university accepted to provide a space to the council by believing that the letter was authentic. Last Sunday, about 40 people including actors and youtubers were conferred with honorary doctorates. As comedian Vadivelu didn't come to the venue, the council members went to his home directly to confer the doctorate. 

By citing that the recommendation letter could have been fake, Velraj stated that former judge Vallinayagam could have also been conned by the council members. The event was held on Sunday during a time when the campus was largely deserted. "An honorary doctorate can be provided only by universities, not by any private organisations. People who received it also weren't aware of it. We feel sorry that such an event has taken place on our campus. We will initiate legal proceedings against the organisers", Velraj added. As per his statement, the varsity has lodged a complaint after which the police have filed a case against the council.