FasTag is Mandatory at Tollgate; NHAI said!   

Tollgates across the country are about to drop paid admission. The collection system for two-wheelers to four-wheelers is being completely changed. So far, the toll system permit has been in operation at one or two counters for vehicular traffic.  

Direct payment permit will be discontinued from commimg Feb. 31.  All counters are converted to automated payment routes. 
In this situation, The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has said that the Fastag is mandatory for vehicles including car, lorry, bus, and van at all 48 customs posts in Tamil Nadu, and those vehicles coming to the toll plaza without Fastag will face a double toll. 
Camps have been set up near customs to get more Fastag. You can also apply through the FastTag website and receive the same. The study found that more than 75% of people currently pay custom tax through the fastag system.