Finally divorced: This Indian woman celebrates her divorce with a colourful party!

45-year-old Indian woman Sonia Gupta, who is now living in the UK, has hosted a colourful party to celebrate the end of her marriage as she has got a divorce, 17 years after tying a knot. Sonia had an arranged marriage in India in 2003 and moved to the UK. As she has got a divorce finally, she had thrown a special party to her family and friends and said that she has felt like she is out of prison. 

At the party organized in the UK, Sonia had worn a colourful dress along with a 'finally divorced' sash and guests were asked to wear the most vibrant outfits. She had named her party as 'It's a Sonia thing' party and the occasion was decorated with full of unicorns. Speaking to the Mirror, Sonia said, "I chose the theme to be colourful, bright, and full of unicorns, as I'm a very bright colourful person. To me, the theme was magic, because, after the last ten years, I think I deserve that little bit of magic."

Soon after the marriage, she had started realizing she wasn't happy despite attempting to make things work. She said, "I got lost in the whole marriage and cultural aspects of it, and I ended up being really unhappy for years. I just wanted the old me back, I was quite a lively and outgoing person before my marriage, and when I got married it just all went to pop." Through organizing the party to celebrate the divorce, Sonia said she wanted to thank her friends and family for always supporting her and wanted to show everyone how divorce is just a part of life and not the end. 

She further said, "When I told my family that I wanted out (of marriage), there was uproar and no support for me or my mental health, but I had my friends, and my two pillars of strength, my sons Mikhal and Shay there to support my journey. I have also had help after my divorce from the Asian Single Parent network." The divorce party had a bouncy castle for everyone to enjoy, pink and purple decorations, a rainbow and unicorn theme and a custom cake.

She added, "The divorce party was to show my friends and family, especially my parents who eventually supported my decision, that I have come out the other side. I wanted to thank them all for their endless support over the past ten years. People seem to think there's no life after divorce, that your life is over, but actually, my life is just starting now. I have learned so much and become a stronger person, I wanted the old me back, to show everyone that life can still be fun. I feel so liberated and free like I have managed to get out of prison. I feel on top of the world, I am truly living my best life."