Finally, TN Governor Ravi forwards the NEET Exemption Bill to the President for his assent!

Finally, three months after the passage of the Bill to exempt the NEET in the state, Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi has forwarded the Bill to the President for his assent. DMK, which came to power with one of the poll promises of repealing the NEET, has adopted the Bill in the Assembly in February to win the exemption for the national medical entrance test as the state government has been convinced that the national exam is hurting the students, particularly those who come from the backward classes. 

Initially, Governor RN Ravi had rejected the Bill following which the state government has sent the Bill to the Governor for the second time, this time, as per the constitution, the Governor can't veto the Bill that was being sent for the second time. He has been under the demand to send the Bill for the President's assent. After the incessant demands, the Governor has now sent the Bill to the Centre.

The development had drawn major attention and the MK Stalin government is hoping to get the exemption for the NEET from the Centre. On Wednesday - May 4, Chief Minister MK Stalin announced that the Governor has forwarded the NEET exemption Bill for the President's assent. It has been reported that the Bill will go to the President through the Union Home Ministry. 

Speaking at the Assembly, MK Stalin said that the Governor's Secretary had informed him over the phone that the Bill adopted by the House has been forwarded to the Union Home Ministry for the President's assent. MK Stalin had said the event as a historical one and he was happy to announce to the House that the state's NEET Bill is progressing ahead. 

MK Stalin said, "Everyone knows very well that how this government is taking more efforts to get an exemption from the NEET, which is destroying the medical dreams of the students. Today, as a historical event, the Governor has sent the NEET Exemption Bill to the Home Ministry for the President's assent. He recalled that he had urged the Governor, the Home Minister, and the Prime Minister for giving consent to the NEET Exemption Bill.