'First picture coming from Moon...': How actor Prakash Raj's single tweet put him in trouble?

Popular actor Prakash Raj has caught in deep water through a single tweet that he made about Chandrayaan-3, the hisotrical mission launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). As the entire country waits with bated breath about the mission's touchdown on the Moon, which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday - August 23, the actor's tweet was in a fashion that collectively shocked and angered the people. 

In the midst of a nationwide coverage on the every phase of the mission, Prakash Raj on August 20 took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, "Breaking news - First picture coming from the Moon by Vikram Lander, Wowww." He ended his post with his signature hashtag '#justasking'. The picture that he shared had featured a cartoon depicting a man in a shirt and lungi and pouring tea on the Moon's surface. 

Several people had seen this picture as the actor's version of mocking India's lunar mission Chandrayaan- 3, that was launched last month from Sriharikota. The mission's primary objective is to explore the unexplored region on the south pole of the Moon. Recently, the Vikram Lander has successfully entered into the Moon's orbit and it will land on the surface on Wednesday after which it will release the Pragyan rover for further exploration. 

As Prakash Raj's allegedly mocking tweet came when the entire nation was closely following the historical event, it had irked many and gone in a way of taking legal action against the actor. A BJP leader in Karnataka has approached the police to lodge a formal complaint against the actor for poking fun at ISRO scientists. 

According to The Print, BJP leader Shivanand Gaikwad from Karnataka's Bagalkote district has moved his complaint to the Banahatti police station. The BJP leader said, "The actor shared an image on Twitter which pokes fun at our ISRO scientists." Gaikwad further claimed that it was not a complaint but a request to the police to take action against Prakash Raj.

Confirming about the development, a police official from Banahatti police station said, "We will now bring it to the attention of the seniors who will decide the next course of action." On the other hand, several political leaders, by cutting their politics, had condemned the actor for belittling the country's lunar mission. However, the actor has responded to the complaint and defended his tweet and claimed that he was referring to a joke of Armstrong times. He also asked the trollers to 'grow up'. 

In a tweet that he made on Monday, Prakash Raj wrote, "Hate sees only hate...I was referring to a joke of Armstrong times..celebrating our kerala chaiwala, which chaiwala did the trolls see?? If you don't get a joke then the joke is on you...Grow up." On Tuesday- August 22, he posted another tweet and shared an article titled 'Neil Armstrong And the Malayali on the moon' and he further wrote, "Attention- dear Unacademy trolls and Godi media who know only one chaiwala...proudly presenting the ever inspiring our own malayali chaiwala since 1960s...if you want to be educated, please read."