For the first time in India...these K - Town's legends launch a script bank! Here're the deets you need to know

(This article is authored by Alar)

A new initiative has been taken in order to support fresh script writers and producers, in the name of "Script Bank" from lyricist Madhan Karky, script writer and producer Dhananjayan, Karundhel Rajesh, and Nikil Murugan, launched by the legendary filmmaker Bharathiraja. 

Scriptick firm that aids screenwriters by doing everything from reading and critiquing their work to fixing and pitching it to potential producers. They guarantee that those unfamiliar with the industry's inner workings will be able to choose a script they like and turn it into a project.

"The problem is many who write scripts do not have a clear idea about what a script is. Often, they get an idea and spin a story around that without doing proper research or taking care of crucial elements, like character arcs, detailing and story progression. Some write it like a novel; instead of a visual description, we get three pages of what a character is thinking. Naturally, the scripts never go beyond the submission stage," says lyricist and writer Madhan Karky.

He emphasized that they do not have any service charges for the writers who submit to them. "Writers are among the unfairly paid segments in our industry, so we do not intend to charge them for our services. Moreover, we have launched this initiative mainly to ensure that the quality of the scripts in our industry goes up," he added.

Dhananjayan says, "From script evaluation to script doctoring and script pitching, we facilitate writers to get their script on the screen. We’re even exploring a service through which we provide ratings for scripts, so that producers can straightaway gauge the level of the script that a writer has with them. We currently have 10 original scripts, three remake scripts, one adaptation, and two web series scripts that are ready to shoot,” 

"Many writers tell me that they don’t even have anyone to bounce off their idea, to know whether something works or not. We offer them feedback based on which they can either modify a script or even chuck it and move on to the next one. As of now, we assure writers that for any script that is submitted with us, we’ll offer our detailed feedback within a week or so. Most often, people hardly know if the script that they had submitted to a producer or an OTT platform has even been read by them," he added.