'Governor of Tamilagam': RN Ravi is not giving up...Here's how he courted a fresh controversy!

In the midst of escalating face-off with the DMK ruling Tamil Nadu government, Governor RN Ravi appears not to be giving up in fueling the clash with the government and public outrage against him. In unprecedented turns, Tamil Nadu has been witnessing hardcore events which are first time in history. A day after Governor RN Ravi walked out of the assembly, he has now courted a fresh controversy. 

The latest controversy from the Governor aligned to his recent remark of advocating that Tamil Nadu must be called 'Tamilagam'. His remark drawn a huge uproar from the state and he was accused of acting like a politician. With the same political heat, Ravi came to the assembly on Monday to deliver his customary address and he escalated the protest against him after deliberately skipping key points from the printed speech, that was prepared by the government. 

When Chief Minister MK Stalin proposed a resolution against RN Ravi in the assembly after which the latter walked out of the house, which was first-of-its-kind event in Tamil Nadu's history. Ravi's conduct of skipping key points in the speech and walking out from the assembly before the National Anthem was played drawn a major flak with several parties announcing to protest against the Governor, demanding him to step down from the post for insulting the assembly and breaching the tradition. 

A day after being caught into a storm of protest and dissent, Governor RN Ravi has on Tuesday courted a controversy. An invitation from Raj Bhavan for the impending Pongal festival has become the crux of the latest controversy. In the invite that has been going viral, RN Ravi addressed the state as 'Tamilagam' instead of Tamil Nadu. The invitation read, "Tamilaga Aalunar (Governor of Tamilagam) RN Ravi and Laskhmi Ravi invite you to participate in the Pongal festival that is scheduled on Thursday, January 12 at Raj Bhavan, Chennai." 

While the previous invitations from Raj Bhavan mentioned 'Tamil Nadu Aalunar (Governor of Tamil Nadu)', the latest one twisted the title in a fashion of how Governor Ravi wished to call the state. Moreover, the invite has carried the Indian national emblem instead of Tamil Nadu government's emblem.This Pongal invite is getting spread rampantly and fueled the demand that he should be removed from the post. Sharing the invite, Madurai MP Su Venkatesan said that an invitation sent by Raj Bhavan for 'Chithirai Thiruvizha' last year said 'Tamil Nadu Governor' and now, it has been changed. 

Sharing the pictures of two different invitations, Venkatesan said, "He (The Governor) should be removed from the state at the same speed he walked out of the Assembly yesterday." Addressing an event during the morning hours of Tuesday - January 10 at Raj Bhavan, RN Ravi furiously criticized the Tamil Nadu government's style of addressing the central government as 'Ondriya Arasu' (Union government). 

Addressing an event at Raj Bhavan last week, Governor RN Ravi said, "Unfortunately, in Tamil Nadu, there has been regressive politics, that we are Dravidian and we have nothing to do with this (Bharat)." By citing that Tamil Nadu is the soul, an idea, and an identity of the nation, Governor Ravi went on to say that it is correct to say 'Tamilagam' instead of 'Tamil Nadu', as Nadu represents an autonomous region while the state is a part of India. Ravi claimed that for over 50 years, efforts have been made to reinforce the narrative that Tamil Nadu is not an integral part of India.

His speech has sparked a social media trend #TamilNadu and it had attracted a barrage of tweets against the Governor. Criticizing the Governor, DMK MP TR Baalu said that the Governor has been dwelling on topics like Sanatana Dharma, Aryan, and Dravidian concepts. "His intention has been to take us back to varnashrama days by speaking about sectarian politics. While he was speaking subtle politics so far, he has started to openly talk like a politician."