'Gujarat has broken all records': PM Modi after the BJP's landslide victory in his home state!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the party's celebrations on Thursday in Delhi after BJP's landslide victory in Gujarat. As the party has achieved what it had aimed, it is all set to expand its decades-long consecutive rule in the state for five more years. Gujarat went to the polls in two phases on December 1 and 5 and the votes were counted on Thursday- December 8. 

Gujarat has 182 assembly seats and the party that gets 92 seats will form the government. With the formidable pro-incumbency wave, BJP aimed to cross 150-mark to break its own record and to script a new history in Gujarat. And, of course, the party's paramount leaders Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah belong to Gujarat, winning the state for the party is as important as endorsing their leadership in the 2024 general elections. 

BJP took a massive lead since the early counting and as the counting advanced, it got close to its surpassing the 150-mark amidst the sharp decline of the opposition parties. Finally, after the hours-long wait, the official results were announced during the evening hours of Thursday and the BJP has secured a historic triumph by setting a new record. 

The results shown that BJP has breached its own record and also achieved its aim. According to the Election Commission data, BJP has outnumbered the exit polls by bagging 156 seats out of 182 seats. With a humongous majority, BJP has created a history as it is the first time in Gujarat that a party has crossed 150 seats. Ahead of the polls, BJP was planning to cross the previous record set by the Congress in 1985 by securing 149 seats.

While the party celebrates the historical numbers, Congress on the other hand, plummeted to a new low by winning only 17 seats, which is a 60-seat decrease from what it has won in 2017. Besides getting whirled by the pro BJP wave, political observers say that the Congress had a disastrous divide in the vote share after the new entrant, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) opened its account. AAP has won five seats and while Samajwadi Party won one seat, the rest three seats were secured by independent candidates.

Notably, by bagging 156 seats, BJP has shattered its own record set during Narendra Modi's era in the state. Modi, who was the longest-served Chief Minister in Gujarat, was the party's face in the 2002 assembly polls during which BJP won 127 seats. In its over-two-decades-long rule, it was best record for BJP and now, after twenty years, it has broken its record through the historical victory. In the 2017 polls, the BJP won 99 seats and formed the government. 

After etching two records in a single election result, the BJP cadres across the country had rolled out celebrations and in Delhi, the party convened a big gathering that was attended by top leaders including Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, and BJP's National President JP Nadda. While addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Modi said that he promised that Narendra will work hard so that Bhupendra (Chief Minister of Gujarat) can break Narendra's record.

He said, "I had told the people of Gujarat that this time Narendra's record should be broken. I promised that Narendra will work hard so that Bhupendra can break Narendra's record. Gujarat has broken all records by giving the biggest mandate to BJP in the history of Gujarat." "The results of Gujarat have proved how strong is the desire of the common man for a developed India. The message is clear that whenever there is a challenge before the country, people show their faith in BJP", he added. 

Extending his gratitude to the Election Commission for conducting the elections peacefully, the Prime Minister said, "I want to thank Election Commission for conducting elections peacefully. As far as I know, re-polling in any poll booth was not required. I also want to thank the voters of Himachal. The difference between the number of votes for BJP & Congress was less than 1%." 

Addressing the gathering, BJP's National President JP Nadda urged the Aam Aadmi Party to apologize to the Gujarat people for insulting the state. He said, "It's our record win in Gujarat under PM's leadership... We got 52.5% vote share. Congress's voting percentage dropped to 27.3. A new party came to insult Gujarat, leader of that party said that our govt is coming in Gujarat. He should now apologize to people." Gujarat's Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel will swear in as the Chief Minister for the second time on December 12 and Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, JP Nadda, senior BJP leaders, and BJP Chief Ministers will participate in the oath-taking ceremony.