A hackathon that shocked the fans...15 Popular YouTube channels in TN hacked overnight!

In an unprecedented fashion that spurred a massive disruption, a league of popular YouTube channels in Tamil Nadu was hit by a wave of the hackathon as these channels were hacked overnight and had a difficult time towards resurrection. The mass hacking activity had shocked the fans and some of the hacked channels are yet to come to normalcy, amid being reported to YouTube concerning the crime and compromise of the channels. 

According to reports, 15 popular YouTube channels were hacked on Thursday night. Some of the hacked channels include Parithabangal, Nakkalites, and Chennai Memes. These YouTube channels have a large fanbase across and beyond Tamil Nadu for their satirical content of politics and other trending areas. These channels have been in the spotlight with a wider reach across the generations.

However, these 15 channels were hacked in a single shot, which had affected them and alarmed the other Youtube channels over the window of vulnerability. As the sequel of the hack, these channels had lost some of their contents that were posted previously and according to reports, following the hack, these channels had carried the advertisements of cryptocurrencies, leaving speculation that they were hacked to promote cryptocurrency. 

Nakkalites, which is one of the hacked YouTube channels, had taken to social media and announced that the channel was intruded on by hackers. It said, "Greetings for the fans. Our Nakkalites YouTube channel was hacked at midnight and we don't know who was behind the hack. It has become habitual that these events took place for the accounts of several people. Our technical team has been working to fix the risk." 

"We believe that we will be back soon. Our heartfelt thanks to the fans for their caring information about the hack", the channel added. Most of the hacked channels have millions of subscribers and the teams of some of these hacked channels had lodged a complaint with the YouTube site following the hack. It has been reported that the global video platform will investigate the complaint and will retrieve the channels.