Happy 70th birthday Captain Vijayakanth: Check out his latest pics and wishes from leaders!

Veteran actor and politician Vijayakanth is celebrating his 70th birthday on Thursday - August 25 and he has been flooded with thousands of wishes from across and beyond the borders. As he battles his health setback, several leaders and fraternities are extending their prayers that he attains complete recovery rapidly and continue his unparalleled contribution to the state.

Had Vijayakanth been in a good health, it is undeniable that he would be one of the strongest political leaders in Tamil Nadu. As an actor, Vijayakanth is a household name being celebrated by people across the ages and there are scores of artists who still remember and recall Vijayakanth's selfless contribution to the growth of the industry and to the poor people. As a politician, Vijayakanth established the DMDK party and rose to be an Opposition leader of Tamil Nadu. 

Vijayakanth's politics was sharply aimed against Jayalalithaa and his party enjoyed a strong vote base in its very first election which gave an assumption that DMDK would be the alternative for DMK and ADMK. However, as days went by, Vijayakanth's political journey got plummeted and it was not as successful as his cinematic career. During his early days in acting, Vijayakanth was one of very few actors to witness the birth of several fan clubs for him.  

Vijayakanth with his family on his 70th birthday - August 25, 2022


He made a huge overhaul to his fan clubs by transforming them into social welfare outfits. Being a social aspirant, Vijayakanth was into contributing to the development of downtrodden people. He nurtured this culture and his social welfare activities are defining his life. In 2005, he launched his party and announced his policies including being an alternative for the Dravidian majors and eliminating corruption. 

In the first election, DMDK turned heads by reporting a record number of voter shares and in the years to follow, the party was left to witness back-to-back decline and debacles. With Vijayakanth's ill health, the party's internal crisis, plummeting base, and lack of strong leadership, DMDK is now turning heads as the people are watching over what's next for the party. 

Vijayakanth's health condition is touted to be a major reason for the party's setback as he was the face of DMDK. His absence in the campaign trails and his recent photographs had saddened the party leaders, members, and the cinema fraternities and as Vijayakanth, who has been an inevitable icon in the state, is celebrating his 70th birthday today, they are hoping that he will be back as the Captain. The latest picture of him on his 70th birthday has been going viral on social media. 

Vijayakanth greets the party functionaries who gathered to convey their birthday wishes - August 25, 2022


On Thursday, Vijayakanth came to the DMDK office to greet the party functionaries who have gathered to convey their birthday wishes to him. Several political leaders including Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin have wished the veteran actor on his birthday. Taking to Twitter, MK Stalin wrote, "Today, it's the 70th birthday for my dear friend and DMDK leader Vijayakanth. I convey my birthday wishes to him. My wish is that he should get recovered and become a vibrant person. I wish him good health and long life." 

Tamil Nadu's Opposition leader Edappadi Palaniswami took to Twitter and wrote, "My birthday wishes to DMDK founder respected captain Vijayakanth. I wish him good health, prosperity, and long life with God's grace." Veteran actor Sarathkumar has released a video in which he conveys his birthday greetings to Vijayakanth. He also wrote, "Happy birthday to my dearest friend, brother, and DMDK leader Vijayakanth who is celebrating his birthday today. May he get all the prosperity and well-being in his life with good health and live a happy life with more success."