Hari Singh, the owner of renowned "Iruttu Kadai" alwa store passed away in Tirunelveli at 80!

Hari Singh, the owner of well-renowned "Iruttu Kadai" alwa store in Tirunelveli district, has passed away on Thursday -June 25 at the age of 80, after he tested positive for the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the reports, Hari Singh had reportedly committed suicide at the hospital where he was getting treated. The owner of one of the legendary establishments that become one of the traditional brands of Tamil Nadu had admitted to the private hospital in Palayamkottai in Tirunelveli district after he developed a fever.

Upon getting admitted, his samples were collected for COVID-19 testing and the samples returned positive for the viral infection and he was getting treated at the hospital. The shocking news of his death has come when the hospital has decided to shift him to the COVID-19 treating facility.

The reports stated that Hari Singh and his son-in-law Gopal Singh were confirmed to have contracted to the virus and the duo was admitted to the private hospital and on Thursday when the hospital was planning to shift him, he was found dead in his room. The Hospital had informed the district police department after which they launched the probe to investigate his death and the police said he could have committed suicide after getting anxious due to COVID-19.

File photo: People can be seen thronged before 'Iruttu Kadai' Alwa shop in Tirunelveli


In the albeit of differest dishes of Alwa, Iruttu Kadai Alwa from Tirunelveli has a special place and savory among the Indian sweets, thanks to the centenary-year-old establishment that has made its alwa as fame for Tirunelveli and one of the traditional sweets of Tamil Nadu. The Iruttu Kadai Alwa establishment has 110 years of legacy behind it and it has been run by Singh's family. 

Hari Singh had been operating the establishment that had its own heritage. The shop was located very close to the Nellaiappar temple in Tirunelveli town and the shop would usually witness more crowds than the temple as people from other districts and states queue up before the shop to taste Tirunelveli's fame and to pile up the unique savory of the Iruttu Kadai shop. 

According to the reports, the police and health officials of the district have been tracing people who came to the shop two days back as Hari Singh was in the shop and the authorities had disinfected Hari Singh's residence, areas near the temple, and Iruttu Kadai Alwa shop and they have installed barricades to avoid gathering and movement of the people.