'This has been a major worry for the team': Disappointed Dhoni reveals as he tries to fix the damage!

Seeing Dhoni getting disappointed was the rarest event in Cricket as the legendary player, nicknamed as 'captain cool', would take the defeats lightly and would steer the team towards success through his never-give-up captaincy and his tenacity of quickly adopting a fresh game-plans. However, when Dhoni addressed the presentation ceremony on Saturday, there was a huge sign of disappointment on his face. 

Chennai Super Kings, which has been one of the most successful teams in the IPL, has been tasting a different season like never before as Dhoni's men in yellow have been faltering during the current season and showing less sign of resurgence with back to back defeats. The CSK has played seven matches so far and it has ended up losing five games including hat-trick defeats. 

On Saturday, CSK played its seventh game against Royal Challengers Bangalore and the latter had batted first and put 169 on the board. Though it was a feasible target to chase down, the unstable batting line-up of the CSK found it riskier and as they found, the CSK batsmen proved that the target was unchaseable for them after they conceded a defeat by 37 runs. CSK ended up scoring 132 runs in 120 balls and added another defeat to its count and left the fans with upset and disappointment. 

The defeat had put the flawed performance to light and pushed the team to fix what's going wrong despite being left with lesser possibilities to enter the playoffs and signaled the team to revive back to prevent itself from getting more worse. The defeat had disappointed Dhoni, which he had shown while speaking at the post-match presentation ceremony. 

While addressing the ceremony, Dhoni said that batting has become his team's major worry in the current season. Dhoni said, "Too many holes in the ship, and when you try to plug one, there is water flowing from another. We need to get our act together. Everything needs to work in the same game to get a result. Once we get a result in our favor, it will be slightly different for us". 

Dhoni stated, "Batting has been a bit of a worry and today it was also evident. We need to do something about it. We can't just keep turning up. It is almost the same thing that is happening, maybe the individuals are different". He added that, "I think we are better off playing the other way round, playing the big shots and even if you get out, it is fine because we can't leave too many after the 15th or the 16th over. That just puts too much pressure on the lower order batsmen". 

By bracing up the defeats, Dhoni has asserted that the team will have to figure out its combination in the coming games. He said, "We started with five bowlers initially but now we have six bowlers but that is something we can do about in the next game. That is one position we can swap with a foreign bowler or an Indian bowler". He highlighted that the team's major worry remains the batting where we haven't been consistent". 

He added, "In the coming games, we will be slightly more expressive, get out in the 17th over rather than having wickets". The CSK will be battling against the Sunrisers Hyderabad on Tuesday as Dhoni's team has been preparing for the second round of the tournament. RCB's win against the CSK has been the former's best victory against the latter in the IPL. 

At the current state, CSK has played seven matches of which it has lost five games and it currently stands at the seventh place in the points table with four points. The CSK has got seven more matches in its hand and it has to win at least six matches to reserve a berth in the playoffs and if the team exists the season without entering the playoffs, it would be the first time for CSK in the IPL history that it has left the season without entering the playoffs.